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Olivia May
The title says it all!
The title says it all!
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The Hiding, Christmas
My first Christmas with the Tills was
the best Christmas I have ever had. Even though I’ve only been with the Tills
for a short time, they have become like my family. I believe that I wasn’t the
only one who had a special Christmas this year.            
I ...

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Wisdom Teeth (con.)
All went well. I cannot feel my chin, lips, ears, or cheeks. They had to prick me three times for the IV because they couldn't find my vein. The IV ended up having to get put in my hand. The most painful part was when they had to tie a really tight rubber b...

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Wisdom Teeth
Tomorrow, I am getting my wisdom teeth removed. I am really nervous, but not about the surgery itself. Actually, I've been a little excited it because I've always wondered what it feels like to be asleep during a surgery and what it feels like when you wake...

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Hiding chapter 9: An Affection, an Escape, a Sacrifice
I have my diary back now, so I can
finish writing the story the Miles told Brooke and I while I was in the
hospital. If you remember Miles was kidnapped while Brooke and mom were at the
library. After a car accident, Miles escaped, went home, and found his ...

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She's Here!
The girl from Europe is finally here. She is stating with us until July 31. It has just been wonderful. She knows a lot of English and is so sweet. We will go bowling, biking, roller skating, to a baseball game, Bucsh Gardens, to the beach, water country, c...

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Hiding chapter 8: A Story, a Kidnapping, a Dream
I am out of the hospital now. We are all going out to dinner
to celebrate Miles’ homecoming and my recovery. Speaking of Miles, while I was
still in the hospital, my mom and dad had to go fill out a bunch of forms since
I was injured. Miles and Brooke staye...

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A Camping I Will Go!
Today, I am leaving for Ranch hand camp for a week. I don't know a single person, but I'm confident that God will help me make friends. The only other time I've been to camp is when my mom was a counselor. It is a big step, no, leap, in my maturity. I will ...

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Hiding chapter 7: A Thief, a Shock, a Rescue
Sometimes, things happen that are scary and dangerous.
During those times one has literally nothing that can save them except God’s
mercy. Let me tell you, a situation like that can be very humbling. I recently experienced
such a situation, and diary, I am ...

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Bringing the Mission Field to Us
This summer, my family and I are hosting an Eastern European orphan for five weeks. Although she is no longer adoptable, we can show her the love of Christ while she is here. She will arrive at the end of June with only the clothes she will be wearing. We w...

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On May 2, we went to a campground for my brother's fifth birthday. We had strawberry shortcake instead of birthday cake. My sister and I slept in a tent all by ourselves, though we have bruises on our legs from sleeping on the ground. The next day after a s...
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