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Dear Apple, thank you for making my Macbook useless with Lion. I absolutely love the fact that I've gone from never having to reboot it or deal with lock ups on Leopard or Snow Leopard to getting to do hard resets, quite literally, on a daily basis.
Yours Truly, me

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I miss the four finger swipe being the "task manager" screen.

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Ooof... watched last weeks Motocross coverage last night. Chad Reed played superman big time. My goodness.

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Hmmm.. turns out that g+ isn't cool or new and that we are sheep for thinking that it must be so. baaaah.

g+ iOS app on iOS5 mostly just crashes.

Fun fact about g+: You can't search in your (or other's) stream. (yet)

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Looks like I won't have to eat crow for backing MonoTouch & MonoDroid after all. How pleasant.
Today we announced our partnership with Attachmate/Novell/SUSE where Xamarin got broad rights to all of Mono's intellectual property, including all the tasty mobile products:
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