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It appears that social media is the wave of the future. It come a long way, it started with connecting personally with just family and friends, and then it ivolves into something so much bigger, nowadays its essential for businesses and companies to have a social media front inorder for them to connect with their customers. Why not? When thats where majority of their customers are, and they can connect with their customers directly, in a personal level. Continue reading at

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In the beginning there was Friendster, Myspace, then Facebook and Twitter came along, and then Google Plus (Google+)... Some people might uttered, "another one"?! What is so special about Google+ and how it differentiate from other social networking site? Read below..

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Yes, Google+ is Google's answer to Facebook, but not in the directly competitive sense many journalists assume. Google+ is core to Google's mission "to organize the world's information", and that's a better frame for thinking about this service.

Here are 35 slides to help kickstart a different perspective on what Google+ really is - a "shared interest graph."

I tried to make this tour as easy as possible with some nice images along the way. Credits for all those nice images are on the last slide.

P.S. - I've had multiple requests to post these slides via Slideshare, so here they are via my blog:

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