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There were good and bad elements to the Raimi movies. Most importantly was the lack of web shooters. If a spider gave Peter the power to shoot webbing, the webs would fire from his butt. Also, the creation of web fluid and the web shooters on his wrist are definitive marks of peters genious. So the shooters are too important to leave out. Big mistake.

Better to bring in someone new, not with a new origin story but just someone new. 

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Just got some very disturbing news.

I have two sisters. One works for Chase Bank and the other banks with them. Recently my one sister went to deposit some cash into her account. They refused to allow it. They said they cannot accept cash deposits any longer.

It's apparently a big brother thing. The reason being is they need to know where the money comes from and where it is going.

So they said she should buy a money order in order to deposit the funds. Also, this is to be the standard in all U.S. banks.

Something needs to be done to stop this.
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uhh, wtf? I bank at my sister's bank(she is Assistant Vice President or something) , but she hasnt said anything to me about this! Man! this sucks
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Why is it that whenever I am talking to a religious person, they automatically assume that I am an atheist because I haven't read the bible or learned about god.

My dad is a preacher! I grew up with preaching and bible-thumping. When I was in my early teens, I read the bible cover to cover and asked many questions. All my dad could offer was pat answers that amounted to, "yes it says that but it doesn't really say that son.". They were very unsatisfactory to my ever-curious mind. Eventually I came to realise just why that was, and stopped even trying to believe anymore.

So, whenever I am confronted with people who wish to tell me the gospel, that feel the need to "help me understand", my first instinct is to inform them that I know more than they do. Because for some insane reason, they think that I have never read their holy textbook or understood what it says.

Such insanity!
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The average atheist has read more, and knows more of the bible than the average christian!

Often it is the reading and understanding of it that creates the atheist.
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I love this series. Everyone should watch it.

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This looks AWESOME! Something I will dedicatedly have to try.
With Spring Fever sweeping over everyone after another hard winter of bland, preserved foods, it's no suprise that a number of foods have been 'lightened up' to fit in with the themes of fresh foods and lighter meals.

A fine example is the Fruit Pizza linked below, which combines fresh spring fruits with what amounts to a giant cookie crust. It's sure to add a touch of freshness to any outdoor event or picnic.

Sweet Spring Fruit Pizza Recipe!! YUMM!!!


1/2 cup butter, softened

3/4 cup white sugar

1 egg

1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon cream of tartar

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese

1/2 cup white sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

To read the rest of this recipe, Click Here:

Image Sources:


Foodista, The Cooking Encyclopedia Everyone Can Edit

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. "Foodista" is a registered trademark of Foodista, Inc.

Get your Skinny On!! 100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! Start here:

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looks delicious
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It has been said that Atheists believe in nothing.  I, for one, am proud to believe in nothing.  Let's explore the benefits of the belief structures for a moment.

If you believe in a deity, then you probably believe that said deity has an outline and purpose for your existence.  You are therefore something special and important.  It is possibly frustrating to you that others cannot see just how special and important you are.

If you believe in nothing, than you know that you are nothing, and can promptly get over yourself.

So a belief in a deity leads to frustration, while a belief in nothing doesn't.

Now, if you believe in a deity, then you might believe that you are going to suffer.  Suffering in life brings joy in the "afterlife".  So you are willing to suffer in an effort to win favours after you die.

If you believe in nothing, then you have no reason to suffer.  You know that you have to enjoy life now because there is nothing to enjoy after.

So a belief in deity leads also to suffering, and belief in nothing leads to joy.

So there you have it.  A belief in a deity that wants you to be frustrated and suffer in misery until you die, or a belief in nothing except to enjoy what life you have before you die. 
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They seem to take all terms and arguments used against them to project back to atheists ("belief" in science, rational thinking, logical thinking, being a sheep, cherry picking, projecting, ignoring information, etc)
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Curse words.  Most people use them as a replacement for a general vocabulary. Have you ever thought what they are though? 

In Christian mysticism, you could lay curse on someone with the right word.  "God damn you" would supposedly cause the Christian god to actively damn the indicated person.  Witches could do it with the devil in place of god.  Such was the laying on of a curse.

So think about it.  When you tell someone "fuck", you are actually CURSING them to have sex.  In Christian theology, sex is the worst thing you could do.  Having sex one time would lead to the realization of the physical pleasure that comes with the act, leading one to a life of enjoying their physical body instead of pining away the days until death gives form and function to the spirit.  So telling someone to "fuck" or "get fucked" was a horrible curse. 

Many might say this isn't true,  of course.  They think that it is contextual.  It wasn't that long ago though that Christian philosophers and priests and preachers were proclaiming that it would be better for one to die then for them to have sex.  Just over a hundred years ago, loudly and ecstatically they proclaimed that it would be better to die and go to heaven then have sex and love the flesh.

Today, of course, we know that simply shouting a word is not going to have any magical effects.  Calling someone an "ass" is not going to turn them into an ass.  The sting might have been taken out of the speech, but the language is still there.

So, in summary, you might want to watch your language a little.  If you are going to use curse words, don't call people an ass or tell them they are damned.  I can encourage the use of "fuck" because many good things are derived from fucking.  The other terms are not so useful though. 

Thank you.
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No person of the right mind would swear. only those who are not taught what proper words to use swear. The most common word I use us "damn"
That is not vulgar the fuck which means sexual intercourse or shit which means poop. If you swear if must be in the proper form. eq: Shit....I shit my pants. on the roller coaster. The fear and adrenaline made me poo my pants. shit. LOL! 
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Just so everyone understands, heaven is real. There really are people living in heaven, for six months or more at a time.

The thing is, there is no judgment coming from the heavens. The crew of the international space station, which sits in the heavens, are busy performing experiments and studying the wonders of our universe. They don't have time to watch people on the planet and make judgment calls about things that really don't concern them.

If people on earth could learn to do the same, so much could be accomplished! 
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+Dave F  I was talking about the I.S.S., which rests in the sky, or heaven, above us.  The word Heaven literally  means sky, and there are (or were) people living on the I.S.S. for up to six months at a time.

Of course, anyone who has ever flew in an airplane has also spent time in the heavens.
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Hey, I am Lord Dissident, the savior of dissent.
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+Thomas Hall Why would you be so forlorn if you had to realize that you are wrong. Last time someone tried to price me wrong, they had to all do their homework and admit that I was right. There is actually a lot of history backing up the fact that I am always right. Just admit it.
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Just got into this series. At first, I wasn't sure about it. Then I found a reason to keep watching. Now I am totally into it.
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Darek K
Niesamowity serial ! już nie mogę się do czekać , na nowy  sezon ...
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Here is a question to ponder, is it moral or ethical for a Christian to have a pet?

Think on this for a minute. Our pets depend on us for everything. Without us, they could starve to death. In many cases, they can't leave the house unless someone opens the door. We bathe them and take care of them. They get lonely when we aren't around.

Christians think that they are going to be snatched up any day now, without warning. Here one minute, gone the next.

So what happens to their pets? Are they left to die while these Christians poof off into the sky? Do they even care?

I, for one, think it extremely unethical. When you get a pet, you are obliged to take care of it. If you think that you are going to disappear, then you are planning to abandon them to their fate.

I suppose it might be moral though. That Christian morality construct and all. Perhaps god likes the sounds of suffering animals.

Maybe it's all part of his divine plan.
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Well they still have no souls. That's why I encourage my dog to steal unattended bags - no soul = no sin.
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When I first moved here, I noticed that there was a policeman on practically every corner.  At least, in the downtown area.  It was supposed to make people feel safe.

How do the police make people feel safe?  They aren't protectors.  They are enforcers.  Their job is to enforce the laws.

In times past, this meant arresting "black people" for the heinous crime of drinking water from the wrong fountain.  Don't think for a minute they didn't take great pride in that!  They used to arrest women for consorting with the devil, after which they would be murdered for their own protection, "to save their souls".

The point is, if they wanted to protect people, they would have to many times refuse to do their jobs and enforce laws.  They do not, because they do not wish to protect people.  They are enforcement officers.  That is what they do, force laws on people after those laws are made.
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I agree @ Lord Dissident.
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