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Hi All,

Just recently purchased a OnePlus One.

After reading about the device quite a bit I was under the impression that the battery life would have been great. However, it seems that my OPO is losing a lot of power during use - enough for it to cause concern.

I haven't been using it much today at all and it has lasted probably around 16 hours with a Screen On Time of approx. 3 Hours 15 minutes.

I use my Moto 360 Android Wear device with my OPO - therefore I need Bluetooth to be on all the time, which would account for some battery drain - but I wouldn't think as much as I am experiencing.

I can't understand what would be causing this issue or what I can do to make the battery life better.

Does anyone have any solutions for this or any explanation? I would like to keep on CM12 if possible, however I would change the ROM (preferably to Android Lollipop).

It just doesn't seem right, considering my last phone (Moto G) lasted longer than this phone - albeit with a lower performance. Also the Moto G has much less battery capacity (2,070mAh) - compared to the OPO (3,100mAh).

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thank you for your comments in advance.

P.S. - I have attached some screenshots I have taken from the battery menu and several apps that seemed to be taking the most battery percentage (before it eventually died).
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Hey all,

I have been having a look and want to get a SmartWatch.

Just wondering out of these, which would be the best to get.

Thank you all in advance :).
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LG G Watch (£80)
Moto 360 (£130)
Sony SmartWatch 3 (£135)

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Hi all,

I've been looking into getting a smart watch and have been looking at getting the Moto 360. Unless someone can suggest a better product?

But what I'm wondering is, should I actually buy a smart watch now or should I wait until there are the sequel versions on the market?
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Buy it Now
Wait until later
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