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Nathaniel Lee
Amateur wordsmith with delusions of grandeur.
Amateur wordsmith with delusions of grandeur.
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The Wobblies
When I went to college, I didn't have a lot of money.  I was heavy on student loans.  I had a little bit of financial aid, but it didn't cover much, and I thought I could scrape by better if I went to off-campus housing instead of adding those fees to my pi...

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I found him in the backyard, shining a flashlight up into the night.

“Hey, buddy,” I said, trying not to let him see my recent panic. “Whatcha doin’?”

He clicked the light, on-off, on-off. “Talking to the aliens.”

“The what now?”

“The aliens, Daddy....

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Justice for All
She found God at last.  He was hiding in the cupboard, up on the top shelf behind the soy sauce.  "There you are," she purred.  "Come on." He flinched away from her reaching hand, but she was quicker and caught him by the scruff.  His bulging eyes goggled a...

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Walking Boots
One day, you may discover walking boots on your porch.   Walking boots are weather-beaten.   They are just your size.   You may have vague memories of buying them,
but this is a lie. The walking boots never tire and never slip.   They always take you where ...

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Theory of Relativism
“I have a solution,” said Pigh.   “The
Valiri Gem requires the sacrifice of the most powerful love in the universe in
order to destroy it for good, right? “Right.” “Okay.   First, renounce all
principles, beliefs, and personal ideals.” “What?” “Just do it.”...

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Welcome Back
The mask had cut most of the smell since they’d left the ship.  Jev’s eyes started watering the moment she removed it.  Tral kept his on, the wheezing of his recycler the only sound, other than the distant hum of the roving swarms.  They weren’t a threat ye...

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"What We're Having" at Strange Horizons
My story " What We're Having " is up at Strange Horizons this week. It's a quiet and (hopefully) charming little relationship story, centered on a time-traveling skillet.  Enjoy!

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"Sticks and Stones" at PodCastle
My story "Sticks and Stones," originally published at Crossed Genres, is now up at PodCastle!  All hail the new overlords, Rachael and Graeme!

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"The Sea of Wives" at PodCastle
My dark little selkie story is up now at PodCastle !  (First new publication to actually hit in like forever.) Basically, I'm relatively fond of selkies as a concept anyway, and then I read an article about the culture and conditions surrounding Alaskan fis...

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Timothy turned on the tap. “The water isn’t working right,” said Betty. And it wasn’t.  It flowed out of the tap and down to the sink, clear and cold to the touch, but it wouldn’t get anything wet.  He added coffee grounds to the filter holder and they just...
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