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Tagstand's Google+ page. Bringing forth the NFC revolution.
Tagstand's Google+ page. Bringing forth the NFC revolution.


New version of Connect pushed.  We changed the billing to be a one time payment.

Connect also now allows you to copy directly to your device's clipboard.

(BTW, those of you who had been on the old subscription shouldn't be affected by this, as the trial period has yet to expire.)
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Trigger 8.3.519 going live now.

- Fixes for reported issues
- Battery/Charging triggers will now use a foreground service to prevent being killed KitKat (you can disable this in the app settings).
- Fixes for Foursquare checkins
- Switch tasks can now be removed
- Added a help page to assist in task creation
- Fixed issues where "upgrade" prompts were not removed for users who upgraded.
- Reduced package size
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Introducing Connect!

Connect allows you to execute your Trigger tasks from the Web. Download now from the Chrome Web store!

Step 1) Download the app and register (

2) Step two, go to the website and log in!

3) Step three, run tasks on your phone from your browser!
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Trigger 8.3 rolling out now as a staged roll out

- New Calendar based triggers
- Integration with Agent to start or stop agents
- Updated task processing to prevent UI blocking (if you see any issues with something not working please email)
- New ANY option for Bluetooth and Wifi triggers
- Fixes for several reported issues

If all goes well this will roll out to everyone by the end of the week.
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Trigger 8.2.481 going live now in a staged roll out

New action - disconnect a Bluetooth device
Tasks can now be enabled and disabled.  Deleting a task will now offer a chance to undo as well.
Long pauses are now fully supported
Task descriptions can be hidden if desired
New Bluetooth device connected check for triggers
Fixes for state tracking on headset triggers
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Trigger version 8.1.462 going live now.

- New charging trigger
- Updates to Geofence creation
- Fixes for Foursquare and Twitter authentication
- Small UI updates
- Updates for KitKat compatibility
- Added plugin repository for easy acquisition of plugins
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An update to Trigger is going live now: 8.0.453

This update includes fixes for several reported issues including:
- Migration of data from old version
- Brightness on LG devices
- Foursquare check-ins
- Other reported issues

Please contact us via email or on G+ if you have any questions or are seeing any issues.
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Would anyone in the San Francisco area be interested in coming in to our office to do some user testing?

We are trying to improve usability of Trigger, so if you're interested (or know others that are) let us know!
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"Trigger is one of the best NFC applications available, but also has non-NFC functions"

Great writeup on our revamped app!
Review: Trigger
Review: Trigger
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NFC Task Launcher is now Trigger!

Trigger has all the capabilities of the original NFC Task Launcher app with some cool new features.

We've made the process of creating a task much simpler and have added the ability to combine multiple triggers to perform tasks.

Take your phone automation to the next level with Trigger!
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