On 19th May 2012, between 14:00 - 16:00 a Grand Students Parade will be held for the occasion of Juvenalia. It is a big festival of all students organized every academic year. The main part is a huge procession along Warsaw’s streets... stage-trucks, music and lots of fun. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time together and meet people from different universities and countries. Do not hesitate and join!

On this occasion, International Students Office and Erasmus Students Network would like to invite all of the international students for a fun walk through the streets of Warsaw during this amazing event.

Wear your national colors, t-shirts, bring flags of your country, everything that might be connected with your nationality! If it’s not possible – do not worry, you’ll be able to do colorful, national make up with our help !

Like every year, we’re going to be the most colorful and cheerful part of the parade! You cannot miss it. Together we can show that we play great even WITHOUT AN ALCOHOL – all we need is just music and wonderful company.

The route of the parade:
Main Building of Warsaw University of Technology -> Polna Street -> Ludwika Waryńskiego Street -> Stefana Batorego Street -> Stadion Syrenki

And after the parade we will continue great fun on Juwenalia PW.
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