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A girl from the 90's
A girl from the 90's

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It Is Not Cold
My uncles from abroad came home, sad that my dad was not able to. Even then, my uncles initiated that all my relatives from my mom's side to come along. Though some of my relatives were not able to make it, we still had fun going to Tagaytay which I think w...

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Bonding Time with Mom
Mom has been into fashion designing lately and their teacher decided for them to have some team building where they could tag their family along. My mom tagged me along with her for this as my sisters were not available, being so busy with their school work...

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Night of the College: The Shoot and the Real Thing
Our CAS week was fast approaching and things had to be done. As the secretary for information and communication of the student council there were lots of things to be finished. One of the events given to me was the closing main event, the CAS night.  Since ...

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The Farm
For my relatives and my family, ever since we went to the farm of my Lola Liza it has already been somewhat like a tradition to drop by her farm whenever we go to Batangas. Nope it is not November 1. If in case you might have remembered in my past posts tha...

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It was a Sunday when my sister took this photo of mine. It has been long since I had my outfit shots taken. For this outfit, I opted to wear all black. Nothing special, it is just that this outfit, is ALL BLACK. On me: Bowler Hat | Gelo Arucan, Blogger's Un...

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A Cousin Coming Over
Normally, it is me who initiates a shoot from my relatives or my friends but this time around, it is my cousin. She came all the way from their house to ours to get us to dress her up with our clothes and do a photo shoot of her as my model. To tell you the...

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Paskong Bedista
You might be wondering Bedista? Beda? If you are from the Philippines, you might have known the school San Beda. If you have been reading my blog too in the past or personally know me, you also might have known that I study in Malayan Colleges Laguna and no...

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It's Graduation Time!
It's graduation time, as my title says. Our thesis had been passed, no more completions to be fixed, everything was finished. Anyone can just be so happy, but not me. The feeling that you will leave school where you have been for four whole years, my friend...

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Before 2013 Ended
December 11   My friends and I decided to go out and try Enchanted Kingdom with our Professor slash thesis adviser. Even though my friends and I have tried going to Enchanted Kingdom a few times now on our own separate ways, our past professor, had confesse...

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Introductions to 2014
In my last post, last December, I said I'd post backlogs which never happened. I was just so caught up with deadlines to meet, finals, thesis, bonding with friends, events I had to organize, and all the what-so-evers. Now, I have finally graduated from scho...
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