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FTWD should be named Fear the Morons who Fear the walking dead.
Great premise.  Would have loved to see it beome great but the writers, producer, actors, and director should be fed to the zombies.

1.  neighbor gets  his face shot off and doesnt react as a "normal person" would.  Main characters find nothing strange with this and father doesnt want son to learn how to use a gun

2.  Rick and his group should move to LA.  No zombies there.

3.  What major army base is near LA  - answer None

4.  Military encloses a neighborhood with fencing and guards it -  Yeah right.  Maybe high value targets like DC mall area but not some podunk neighborhood in LA.

5.  Guy in fenced in area is told by military everyone in immediate area outside of enclosure is dead.   Guy goes jogging.

6.  Ex wife goes through fence, finds dead people on street everywhere,  doesnt pick up gun lying in street but hides from military.

7.  I guess all the African americans left LA or got eaten by the zombies.   None in show. 

That is just for starters.

This show's ads should say "The show where you cheer for the zombies"

here is a hint.
Kill off all characters except the old hispanic guy and start over.
When ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ premiered on August 23, 2015, it broke cable records. A staggering 10.1 million people tuned in on that first night. Since then, the ratings have been ...
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bill bob

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Conservatives are fed up with their own party -- with good reason.
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The doctors are okay. THe office staff in a word SUCKS. Example. I had an appt to go to see doctor about getting shots in my neck. 60+ min drive to Austin, see doctor for 5 min. Get told that I have to make an appt to get the shots. So 60+ min drive back home. THe wash rinse repeat just to get the shots. I had to take a total of a day off from work and drive 240+ miles for what should have been a 120+ mile trip and 30 min at the most. After the shots the assistant said I would be contacted in 2 weeks to discuss how I was doing. 3 weeks later no calls. I contact my attorney and a week later I find a missed call today from Procare. I called them up and found out that they had made an appt for me FOR TODAY. So I guess I was supposed to drop everything, leave work on a dime, driver over an hour to get there, get seen (probably for another 5 min) and drive over an hour to get back home. If this office wasnt what my attorney was working with I WOULD NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. I will be letting my attorney know this as well.
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