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This one was surprising to me.
Is it ever a good idea to fund your business using a credit card? Compared to other types of small business financing, credit card costs can be surprisingly low. If you can’t get an SBA loan or traditional bank loan, credit cards carry interest rates considerably lower than alternative lenders.

That said, you have to be smart about using credit cards to finance your business. Keep these rules in mind:
-- Treat your credit card like a loan and make regular payments
-- Use balance transfers to consolidate debt
-- Make sure you can afford the annual fee
-- Clarify credit card usage with your business partner
-- Use different types of cards for different business purposes

Would you ever consider using a credit card to fund your business? In what circumstances do you think it becomes an effective option? What’s your advice on using credit cards to fund a small business?

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Microsoft vs Apple: Jason Richelson on The POS System Wars

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How To Increase Your Business's Average Order Size By 40%

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How good are your #SEO skills?  Take this quiz to find out! 

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Do you know how important free shipping is to your clients?

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What has the community's experience been with online reviews?  Have they been a net positive or net negative for your business? 

Here is a guide a wrote on how to clean up your online reputation.  Summary:

1. Which review sites to start with first. 
2. Finding your the industry specific review sites.
3. Making sure you a represented well in Google's search results. 
4. How to Respond to reviews.
5. How to integrate reviews into your marketing. 

What else should be included in a guide like this?
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