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Will marijuana ever be legal in Massachusetts?
Read this article if you are interested in marijuana laws in Massachusetts. The drug has been approved for medical use in some areas of the state, and the use of small amounts is treated as a civil offense. However, people still face criminal penalties for using larger amounts of cannabis. Marijuana proponents hope to have the drug legalized and regulated in Massachusetts. You may need to speak with an attorney if you are facing drug charges.

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Some False Confessions May Involve Fabricated Memories
Check out this article about the risk of people in Massachusetts forming false memories and giving untrue confessions in response to criminal accusations. In one recent study, researchers were able to convince over half of the innocent participants that they had committed crimes. Learn more about this study and the reasons that its findings are so alarming.

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How the Miranda Warning Really Works
Get the true scoop on how the #Miranda warning can help people facing #DUI or other #criminal charges in Massachusetts. If a suspect does not adequately invoke the rights provided for in the Miranda warning, it can actually work against him or her in any criminal proceedings. Learn how to make sure you get full protection under this special law.
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