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things change.
things change.

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OK, I was going to write something, but Tina already did it for me! <3 Here is my show. MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY!
I know that +Decklin Foster will also post about this, but, I'm super excited to share that he will soon have a radio show on I made a little promo card for the show (called "edits") with info. The text reads:

A trip across the hardcore continuum — from rave and acid house through jungle, garage, and grime to the current melting pot of “bass music”. Exploring rhythmic inventiveness wherever we find it, whether in sampled breakbeats or minimal 808 patterns. Mixed live by Decklin Foster. More info, Twitter, setlists and archives at


So, that's @editsradio/ / Check it out!

This is probably going to be my only public post. If you don't know me, or have lost touch with me, and have found this profile here: yes, I do use Google+, but my posts are shared only with a limited set of circles.

I would like everyone to be able to contact me, however. My email address was for approximately the past decade. As of 2011-07-20, I have declared email bankruptcy. To email me now, replace the "commercial" TLD in my old address with the one designating an "organization". Mail sent to the old address will be periodically picked out of my spam folder, if I have time.

Please note that the Red Bean Software website has not changed its domain; the domain in my new address currently does nothing but receive mail.

(If you intended to lose touch with me, and I have not preemptively blocked you, I am truly sorry for everything. It is probably best for us to leave it at that.)
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