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Sabrina Pandora
That big funny gal with something extra.
That big funny gal with something extra.

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A fun fellow and a fine blogger, take a read!
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One of the crossdressers that I know (and don't particularly like because she's a redneck bigot closet case with a big mouth) posted to a group I belong to about her Friday and Saturday plans this weekend, which I took as an opportunity to remind folks about my Halloween party, the third mention I've dropped on this particular group.

Now, let's bear that in mind that the most commonly heard request in this group is whether or not the gathering will be friendly to them, which every year I assure them it is, and every year more and more of them flutter in and hang around on my couch.

This one answered with a (sigh) which led me to one of those Choose Your Own Adventure moments. If you are going to write back in the public forum and say something snarky, turn to page 17. If you are going to let it slide, turn to page 31. If you plan to wait and see if she shows up and then throw her skinny ass out of the party for being a bitch, turn to page 52.

Ah, life does always present me with decisions...
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The kool-ade has been ingested and I have joined the legions. Teh Google plus actually looks a lot like Facebook used to... what a surprise!
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