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Jess Gougeon
army wife, photographer, tree hugger, animal lover, cloth diaperer, & attachment parent.
army wife, photographer, tree hugger, animal lover, cloth diaperer, & attachment parent.

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Happy SECOND birthday, Emmett!
Exactly two years ago, on May 6th, 2012 at 10:52 pm, Emmett Sullivan was born. He came into this world the same way he does everything else- the way he wanted... which happened to be five weeks early. My OB and nurses kept telling me to expect a five pound ...

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clean menu plan, week 4
Monday : chicken parmesan Tuesday : tuna noodle casserole Wednesday : chicken stir fry over jasmine rice Thursday : spinach artichoke pasta Friday : roasted chicken, potatoes, and veggies Saturday : Emmett's birthday party Sunday : Mother's Day (plans unkno...

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a certain little someone's birthday is coming up...
This sweet little boy turns TWO in only one week!  I know, I'm having a hard time believing it myself. It seems like just yesterday, we were in Texas celebrating him turning one at his rainbow birthday party. And now, he's about to turn two ? How is that ev...

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Happy Easter!
Happy Easter from Elliot & Emmett! ♥ I hope you had a wonderful day- we sure did! Despite the rainy forecast, it ended up being the warmest day we've experienced so far in Michigan (61 degrees!). We were lucky enough to open our home to three sets of the bo...

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Hello, Spring!
Since we moved to Michigan in the middle of February, we were lucky enough to miss half of the worst winter northern Michigan has had in years. I'm thankful for that, but even still, as April rolled around, we were more than ready for the sun to shine, the ...

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clean menu plan, week 2
Monday:  dinner at Poppy & Mimi's house (my dad's) Tuesday:  clean crockpot chili* Wednesday: roasted summer vegetable pasta Thursday: crockpot orange chicken  Friday: parmesan crusted tilapia with sauteed broccoli and carrots Saturday:  beast meatloaf Sund...

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that time I baked a breakfast
Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT a baker. In fact, I had never in my life baked a single muffin or loaf of bread... until today. Don't ask me why, but when I woke up this morning, I felt like baking. So I pulled out my never-been-used muffin pan and ...

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toddlers can eat clean, too!
The boys have been eating clean this whole week. Well, mostly... we're still using up the last of their crackers when we're out. I just couldn't bring myself to toss them in the garbage. For the most part, though, everything they've been eating is clean. Ho...

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eating clean: you have to start somewhere
Yes, you read correctly yesterday, this little family is going to be eating clean from here on out. Honestly, we've been working on eliminating processed foods and eating healthier for months and months now, and I think we were doing okay, especially during...

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Happy 4th of July from my little firecrackers (a little late)
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Aaron had the long weekend off, so I've been trying to simply enjoy our time as a family and I've been to busy during the day (and too tired at night) to blog. I really need to learn the fine art of blogging while still s...
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