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Hello all, an infrequent poster here. I find myself with a predicament. I ride for the sake of exercise but I have moved to a country where there is little riding going on and a lot of sodium content in the air. As such, my bicycle corrodes. I believe that this is why my brake and shift lever now has stopped working properly.

I was thinking about converting my road bike to a fixed gear. Truth is that I don't know enough about bikes to appreciate how the math is to be worked out in doing such a conversion. Do any of you good people have suggestions?

I have a Trek (not even sure what model, it was secondhand). If I get more specs I will update this post. Thanks. 

Folks, I am in need of some advice. I live in the TCI and unfortunately there is high sodium content in the air. It is almost one huge sand bar, with limestone mixed in. If breeze blows, it is salty.

My wheels have now corroded, with spokes now snapped and my bicycle now unused (and my belly getting bigger by the day!). I know about hybrid wheels but don't have any experience with them. My bike is a Trek but I figure hybrid wheels can work.

Any recommendations? What if any brands are worth looking at, and what sort of money do I have to budget for?

Hope you all out there can help. 

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Woke up this morning ready to ride, only to encounter what you see in the photos. Four spokes broken, my kids don't know how it happened. What could have caused this? Could it be high sodium content in the air, which Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos is known for? Or would someone have to bump into my wheel? Or might they have been deteriorating for a while and I just got lucky I wasn't riding when it happened?

Any thoughts?
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Live conch in the Turks and Caicos Islands...Grand Turk, to be specific. Taken with the Tour Operators at Funtastic Tours LTD. 

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In the evening this is what Grand Turk looks like. If you notice, there is white foam on the water's edge. That is actually excess salt that forms when there is some evaporation of the water. The salt content here is excessively high here.

Bottom line: if you come to ride here in Cockburn Town, Grand Turk, PLEASE hydrate!!

Season's Greetings to you from the beautiful island of Grand Turk!!!!!
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Just got home and giving thanks I am in one piece. 

To everyone who is alive at this moment...a Happy Sabbath to you!!!

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Wow, this is amazing!!

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