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TSMC should be the next supplier of Apple.
Apple should make their own crap, or stop suing the people that are basically building their products.
+John Landgrave You post is completely silly and in the wrong place.
Apple designs a series of CPUs but needs a foundry to produce them.
It seems that TSMC will be a good candidate.
Intel for the other CPUs used.
Yes, my post is misplaced, as is probably my frustration, and TSMC would be a great candidate. Apple may design the CPUs, but then they ask Samsung to make them, and then sue them for having similar products... Tell me I'm not the only one who sees the fallacy there?

I also understand that Samsung could make devices that are "more aesthetically different" than the iPhone, but it's hard not to violate any of Apple's patents when they have the rectangle with rounded corners patented.
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