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Nexus Player Receives CyanogenMod CM12.1 Support And First Nightly Now Available

#android   #nexusplayer   #androidtv   #cyanogenmod   #cm12  
Android TV is a growing area of android. At the moment, the availability of the platform at the consumer-end, is a little limited. However, as was seen thi
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If I stopped supporting companies due to arrogant ceos I'd have to go sell all my tech and live in the woods. Love cm12.1 on my nexus 5
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Pick up Poweradd's 20,000mAh Pilot X7 External Battery Pack for just $25 

#Android   #poweradd   #batterypack   #deals  
Over on Amazon, Poweradd is currently offering their Pilot X7 external battery pack for $31.99. However, you can get $7 off if you use the promo code B9RHC
Xavier Reyes's profile photoTrivon Carter's profile photoRaziel Kain (Razi3L2)'s profile photoUrs Loving Sajad's profile photo
Wouldn't it be nice if manufacturers just made the phone a few millimeters thicker and packed in a bigger, longer lasting battery? 
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New Google Search Commands Allow you to Send Notes and Set Alarms from the Desktop

#android   #google   #googlesearch   #alarms  
Google continues to roll out features that allow you to perform actions by simply entering commands in the search bar on Chrome for desktop. Earlier this m
Sean E. Mann's profile photoCrystal Cirilo's profile photoFred Bonfim's profile photoJohnathan Emanuel's profile photo
You can also do it from your phone
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Top 50 Apps Which Fully Utilize Google’s Material Design

#android   #top50   #materialdesign   #androidapps  
Google, not so long ago, introduced a new design language called "Material Design". According to the company, this new design language mixes the known prin
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Top 10 Most Popular Android Deals from the Past Week - April 25th, 2015 

#android   #deals   #popular  
Every week there are some amazing deals going on in the tech industry. Sometimes 20% off a brand new unlocked smartphone, or $50 off of a new Tablet. It's
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Featured: Top 10 Android Apps For Beer

#android   #top10   #beer   #androidapps  
Drizly Drizly is one of the very few applications you can find on your device that will let you order beer from home using the app, and have it delivered t
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The Unlikely 2nd-Gen Nexus 5 Shows Its Face In Google's Promo Video

#google   #nexus   #nexus52015   #nexus5   #android  
As you all know, Google partners up with an Android OEM each year and releases a Nexus smartphone which is kind of a showcase device for new versions of An
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Android Headliner: A Quick Question For Sony…What Happened To The Xperia Z4?

#android   #sony   #xperiaz4   #xperiaz3   #xperia  
Owners of the Sony Xperia Z3 are likely to tell you how much they love their smartphone and with good reason too. It is a good phone. Besides the fact that
Kevin Huynh's profile photoC Yackulic's profile photoJack Kass's profile photoDar Tamaddon's profile photo
+Trọng Kiên very likely. The Z4 was probably already in testing and stuff, so they decided to release it anyway, to clear inventory.
The fact that it had no announcement whatsoever should've been indication it's not the flagship. 
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Samsung Brings Celebrity Reality Series ‘My 360′ To Gear VR Through Milk VR

#android   #samsung   #gearvr   #milkvr   #my360  
Late last year, Samsung released the first iteration of their virtual reality headset, the Samsung Gear VR, which pairs up with the Galaxy Note 4 and the G
Nic The MFing Tech Guy's profile photo
"Samsung has also joined forces with Skybound Entertainment, the studio who produces HBO’s critically acclaimed and commercially successful “The Walking Dead”, to also produce content for Gear VR." Ummmm HBO doesn't air The Walking Dead lol
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Cyanogen Posts Development Board Image On Instragram

#android   #cyanogen   #instagram   #developers  
Cyanogen Official, posted an interesting image to their Instagram feed, showing a development board and a touchscreen with the caption "cooking up somethin
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Android Auto Compatible Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX Currently Available For $890 On Amazon

#android   #androidauto   #pioneer   #deals  
Android Auto was one of the latest android platforms that was introduced by Google at last year's I/O event. Although, the rolling out of the tech has been
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HTC’s Latest Promo Video Suggests Users Will Not Suffer From “Bi-phonal Displeasure Disorder” With The One M9

#android   #htc   #htconem9   #video  
When it comes to product marketing, few smartphone manufacturers can compete with Samsung. They are well-versed in marketing 101 and have set the tone year
Srinivas Rajkumar (Vas)'s profile photoJohn Anon's profile photoJason Rench's profile photo
i lost interest 10 sec in to the damm add.. htc advert market needs to be fired.. 
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