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Rethink what is going in to your FOOD Really think again...

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Poverty is not an Accident!

....and something should be done about it.

Join myself and +The Giving Lens to help show how photography can make a difference in changing the world.

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This is truly a new lease to life. Close your eyes and just listen to Alice Herz-Sommer.
12 min video on pianist Alice, born Nov 23 1903, sharing Longevity secrets; she lives in her own flat in London without :) assistance while practicing 3 hours piano daily. In this/other videos Alice ( credits her Longevity to "looking at the bright side of every person and event", laughing, harmonious music, positive words said to others, loving everyone, smiling (7 min video: Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling). Studies show optimistic thoughts can slow aging: Joy releases rejuvenating hormones, while negative emotions release aging stress hormones. Some MDs think peaceful music increases longevity: Soothing music helps plants grow faster & healthier:

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This is plain awesome. Yes, I've seen floppy music before, but 8 in a neat arrangement is news to me.

So, when is somebody building the first floppy keyboard?

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Did you know what Albert Einstein first job was? How about working at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property in Switzerland!

After graduating, Einstein spent almost two frustrating years searching for a teaching post, but a former classmate's father helped him secure a job in Bern, at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property, the patent office, as an assistant examiner. He evaluated patent applications for electromagnetic devices. In 1903, Einstein's position at the Swiss Patent Office became permanent, although he was passed over for promotion until he "fully mastered machine technology".

Much of his work at the patent office related to questions about transmission of electric signals and electrical-mechanical synchronization of time, two technical problems that show up conspicuously in the thought experiments that eventually led Einstein to his radical conclusions about the nature of light and the fundamental connection between space and time.

With a few friends he met in Bern, Einstein started a small discussion group, self-mockingly named "The Olympia Academy", which met regularly to discuss science and philosophy. Their readings included the works of Henri Poincaré, Ernst Mach, and David Hume, which influenced his scientific and philosophical outlook.
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