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Steam Launch WIP
There's a nice article in one of the gaming magazines about making a steam launch, and I am easily influenced! 28mm Copplestone German Freikorps chappy for scale.

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Many moons ago I posted a teaser of crop fields. Here are some more pictures. Pic F8 is what the furrowed fields look like before I pop yellow ground scatter all over them. Just wee bits of carpet tile, those.

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Terrain: abandoned Wild West building
I picked this MDF kit up at Salute. Apologies for forgetting the company, but whoever it is, they sell a ruined and an in-use version of this one. I really liked the basic shape. I ended up cladding the outside in balsa, and making individual tiles for the ...

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Grenfell Tower
The British government has been executing its subjects quite deliberately for the past seven years. They care only about profit, and not at all for people. First, they came for the sick and the disabled, who couldn't stand up for themselves. People died. Th...

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Terrain Teaser: Fields
I've a lot of stuff on the boil at the minute in terms of fields. I was inspired by Mel the Terrain Tutor's tutorials on fields, and have several square feet under construction. Comprehensive photos will follow in due time, but for now, here's a preview.

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Retro Monday #8: Trojan!
A very early vehicle for this blog here. A scratchbuilt/kitbashed open-topped Imperial Guard Trojan , from back when this blog was young, and actually all about AFVs for my now dusty Imperial Guard army. Hard to believe it's from 2010.

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Continuing experiments with Granny Grating brickwork
Bricks and mortar Right, if you've seen the last blog, you'll know I was pretty happy with how the faux-brickwork came out in terms of its shape. So I continued my work. Brickwork always seems to be to be a range of shades. I suppose I must see a lot of rec...

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Experiments with Granny Grating
Having picked some of this stuff up a while ago, I have been wondering about its possible uses. The one everyone talks about is as metal grating for floors. I have used it for that in a little experiment I uploaded recently. However, what I'd like to submit...

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Retro Monday #7: Tank Trap Tutorial
Another blast from the past here . It's beginning to look as though the most popular posts cluster in 2013. Let's see if we can change that - and not just with the help of these strange Russian robots that keep skewing the visitor counts!

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Native huts: Part 2 - painting
Happily, the solution I came up with of cutting the towel into circles worked pretty well. I'm not quite happy with the droop on the lowest circle, but I can bear it. I undercoated everything with some Halford's brown gloss spray paint. I think the aforemen...
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