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One Direction to Australia
ODTA ,one direction,1D, fanpage, harry styles, liam payne, zayn malik, louis tomlison, niall horan,
ODTA ,one direction,1D, fanpage, harry styles, liam payne, zayn malik, louis tomlison, niall horan,

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What is a long time?
Hey guys!

I haven't been on in ages and no this isn't a goodbye post its just one that says i'm really sorry for the slow updates!

This is kinda like my prelim year which means its super important and requires 100% study time haha!

But to all the 1D fans, the boys world exclusive announcement will be aired on the Today Show tomorrow morning from 6am so tune in!!

btw i got instagram so add me on cherylroseeee

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for all the insane people who haven't gotten their copy of One Direction's Midnight Memories, here's the link to buy yourself a copy! BUYYYY ITTTTTTT <3

PS please comment below which of the songs on the album are your current favourite!!! MINE HAS GOT TO BE THROUGH THE DARK AND STRONG AND EVERY OTHER TRACK BUT YEAHHHH :3 :)

so i know there's been some rumours about Harry dating Kendall Jenner, but for now they've both denied the claims so we'll just have to see if he kisses her on New Years i guess, which speaking of, reminds me to tell you all that i will be going to India over the Christmas Holidays! I'll be in India for the majority of the holidays, so i may not have as much of a chance to get on and chat to y'all! But i'm leaving on the 27th December, so i still have time but yeahhh :)

i actually have no words for how amazing Midnight Memories is, sorry i haven't been on i've had my Year 10 Formal/Prom so i think thats like Junior Prom for the Americans haha! But this album is so different i love the change!! #2014WhereWeAreTour1D  

so apparently Taylor Swift is looking for a house slash apartment in North West London, near Harry, is anyone else confused right now? i thought "we where never EVER getting back together" and she "knew he was trouble". i will never understand the lives of the famous

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actually don't know what to say, i don't really have an emotion right now, don't know if it was an accident or a little immature.... fingers crossed its accident. But i think the paps are overexaggerating (once again) HE SIMPLY SAID HE ENJOYED HIS MILKSHAKE!

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don't know why i'm finding this headline hilarious! HE'S OVER YOU!

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to all the UK 1D fans! Get your tickets now you lucky people!

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le dies

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how amazing is the dancing in this?!!!! 
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