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Wayne Adam
Freelancer, Author, Poet
Freelancer, Author, Poet

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Litha 2017
We hail to Midsummer, the Summer Solstice, also known as Litha or Alban Hefin. Where the sun reaches its zenith creating the longest day. A worship of the sun and all of its glory before the days become shorter on their journey toward the Winter Solstice. L...

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Every writer strives for perfection. A chance to be recognized for his/her work that they have toiled, rewritten, nit picked, edited, and sometimes stressed over.  Every writer is different in the way they handle both praise and rejection, and it doesn't ma...

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Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. A day to show love for those close to your heart. Valentine's Day has it's legends since it's conception. Like a lot of our holidays, Valentine's Day started out as a pagan holiday, in this case it was the Roman festival o...

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What is Fawn?
Fawn is a rescue dog which we've had for about six months. This brings us to the question of which breed(s) is she? To find out, this Xmas fawn received a DNA kit from Santa Dog. Any bets, everyone has an opinion so we're asking for yours. Just put them in ...

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December and we've  journeyed  into the dark half of the year awaiting the entrance of the winter solstice and the Cold Moon (December),  also known as the Oak Moon, Moon of Long Nights, Wolf Moon, Holly Moon, and Hunters Moon. The world;d changes,  days be...

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Voting Day
Stand Up Be Counted Speak Up Stand Proud Take Pride Be American Make a Change Choose  Vote. Voting is a privilege, use it. Everyone has a chance to voice their opinion and to make a change, that's what elections are for. Those who didn't vote have no right ...

Happy Labor Day! Have fun and stay safe.

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Introducing Fawn
Skye was a terrible, unexpected loss for us(read the
previous post), but we are a two dog household and it's my nature to rescue, so
I hit the rescue sites and shelters, but I couldn't find any connections with
any possible candidates until I went to the Hu...

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Mixed Emotions at 1am
Tonight I am restless, filled with mixed emotions of sadness over the sudden loss of  my dog Skye, the empty void I am in, the love for the Lovely Lady D and her dog Cupcake, along with the sadness in the world  But lately, ever since Skye's death I feel a ...
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