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Chronica Domus
Reflections of home life with the occasional diversion elsewhere
Reflections of home life with the occasional diversion elsewhere

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Easter Sweet Treats In The City
Dashing about the city this past weekend, determined to whittle away at my list of errands, I could not fail to notice the enchanting decorations and baked goods which filled the shops and bakeries in anticipation of Easter.    My first port of call was the...

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What's Blooming Inside: Drifts of Snowy Daffodils
Photo: Chronica Domus I have written about my favorite flower, the humble daffodil , extensively in the past and cannot help but rejoice in its understated yet elegant beauty each spring.  I am not talking about the overly-hybridized modern daffodil, mind y...

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Opening Party: All Roads Lead To Rome Exhibition
Photo: Chronica Domus In October 2014, I wrote a post about attending the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show and how I was enamored by the jaw-dropping items for sale at Mr. David Weingarten and Ms. Lucia Howard's booth,  Piraneseum .  It turns out that Mr. W...

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Whiteout At Lake Tahoe
Friday's headline news should have tipped us off for what lay ahead Photo: Chronica Domus Our continuing adventures in hot pursuit of some snow fun had us finally arriving in South Lake Tahoe this past Friday.  You may recall reading about our fruitless att...

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Dining Table Inspiration from The Original Wedgwood Pattern Book
Last Saturday we had the great pleasure of entertaining good friends at home for drinks and dinner. We were six at table that evening and as spring was almost upon us, I chose to decorate the dining room with flowering spring blooms and branches laden with ...

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The Treen Mystery Object Revealed
Did you guess the purpose of the little acorn correctly? Source Thank you all for being such good sports and participating in the fun and games of guessing the purpose of my diminutive nineteenth century ebony treen acorn which I recently acquired in Englan...

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A Treen Mystery Object
Photo: Chronica Domus When I lived in Kent as a young girl, our house was situated opposite an ancient oak woodland. 'The Woods', as we called it, became an almost daily playground for my sisters and me.  We spent many happy hours larking about the stately ...

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Some Pet Names Are Best Left For Pets
Is it just me?  Whenever I hear people in public refer to their wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or the colloquially dreadful 'significant other' as "Babe" I cannot help but think of this: Source As you may well know, today is Saint Valentine's Day, wh...

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A Dashed Weekend In The Snow
Last Friday my family and I set off for a long weekend in the snow.  It has been several years since we last faffed about in the powdery stuff because, frankly, the snow pack in the Sierra Nevada mountains has been dismal.  Not so this year!  The unrelentin...

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With Rain Cometh Flowers
Photo: Chronica Domus There are many things that I have found myself being grateful for over the past few months.  Rain, would you believe, is one of them. I don't recall there was ever a time when I lived in England that I was consciously grateful for rain...
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