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Angelababy post-baby style
Angelababy's post delivery picture when she left the hospital has been flooding my facebook. It is hard to not notice the beautiful white coat that she wore so I thought I have to do some research about it. So, I found something online in Mandarin that I th...

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Yeap. Still using that Malaysian date format. And yeap, a night I feel like updating my blog after so long. My first trip in my life to Los Angeles. I've been busy with life. I've change a lot since I last blogged. Mostly on my life accomplishments, like......

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I Think...
Hi, Hello, How are you,                                           to whoever reading this. It's been awhile =P. 2 months, I guess? It's a very different life for that particular 2 months. I made really huge changes in my life. I get drunk for the first time...

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Book Review #1
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green My rating: 5 of 5 stars After dwelling myself in life encounters and the book, I learn to embrace the roller coaster ride in my personhood. It's a good book to pick yourself up if you're going through a breakup like me. ...

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TaeYang - Eyes, Nose, Lips (Simplified Romanization Lyrics)
As a hardcore Tae Yang fans, I cannot stand the existing version online that the romanized lyrics has too many vowels in a single word and it's too long. Sometimes, the vowels stick together and I don't know which is which and when to pronounce. If people l...

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Before I was in love, I have a list on what kind of BF I want. Well, I never knew since when, a person who is out of my league made me abandon my list. 在还没恋爱时,我把男友条件在脑海列了一堆。可是不知道什么时候,有那么一个人就让我拿个被列出来的条款遗忘了。 Maybe because it was first love that it sped up wha...

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SXSW 2014: CUSP on Rainey
 Austin, Texas One month ago, SXSW happened and it marked the start of my spring break, earlier than usual college students in the country; second year in Texas and I want to have some fun. So, I googled up and stumbled upon  Jessi's blog  where I found out...

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He Sui
This post is dedicated to my current favorite model, He Sui. She was born in China and now rocking the world. I know her through the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2013 and she is of course one of the angels rocking the VS series. Her wink in the show at the ...

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Sherwood Forest Faire 2014 in Texas
I keep mistaken the word "Sherwood" with "Sherlock". AHHH~~ *shriek Love the smile/laugh and the natural gesture she have here. It's spring break now for everybody and I'm done with my spring break for almost 2 weeks because I'm living in Austin and "in con...
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