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Thoose loc bars are totaly crazy, getting more and more into actualy starting to use clojure.

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Yarn bombing - R2D2
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Post has attachment is looking for a java developer to our small team. If you or anyone you know is interested let me know!

I see one big problem with google+
On facebook, people i follow and who follow me are friends. They most likely want to know more about my social life, my kids and so on. Then about me as a developer.
On twitter, people i follow and who follow me are mostly developers, they dont want pictures of my kids, they more likely want to know about things releated to software development.
If i on google+ have a circle for following, that coresponds to twitter, i can share my "work self" there. But that requires me to follow everyone who follows me. Thats not a problem for me, but for people with a huge follower base it is impossible. So they post everything public, and i get to pictures of what they eat and so on.
There has to be a solution for this... People could be able to choose between a "personal me", "work me" and so on, when they follow. Or something similar.

The animation for removing a circle is awesome :-)

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Google+ Cheat Sheet version 2.

I must say that Google has done a great job with the UI for Google+. A first for them!

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