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July 19, 2013 Correspondence Text.
" .. changing brain, criminal act, forcefully changing, faulty interpretation, pseudo intellectuals, stories on their own, narco analysis, nurse, doctor, brigadier, questions, confounded beast, forceful expulsion, tentative behaviour, hiding something, thoughts idea, bad intent, license to destroy, Government of India, destroyed lives, rascal, scoundrel, malintent, anjaam, terrifying the victim, patient, lethal drugs, mental torture, put him in prison, Human Rights Bodies, deceit by enemy, tell before death, reveal over a long time, exhausted, vibrations in body, agitation, trauma, panic, further degression, no prescription, lies, Larpose, Pacitane, Ciplar, Meloset, arranged talks, pseudo psychiatrist, Central Bureau Of Investigation, hour glass, Respidon, handlers, just write, each and everything, Neurologist worth his salt, treatment path, distress, fear, bewilderment, criminal exposed, classic villain, protocol, sequence of events, schizophrenia, intellect, technical acumen, long term memory, short term memory, allopathic, false arguments, development pattern, personality, functioning in society, default thought process, body functions stopped, seizure, diversions in head, curse on family, Satan in Disguise, transfer inside of brain, boundary in brain, gushing brain matter, citizen of India, pineal gland, pituitary gland damaged, standard questions, forceful stopping, stopping internet, conversations made public, workaholic, tragic episode, stunned body, world view, feel bad about oneself, electric current in body, precise, logical, objective, sharp person became mediocre, stop, dexterity, nimblefootedness, broken connections, going nuts, vanishing hunger, common sense tells to eat, permanent damage, planned attack, easy recall, posted on cyber, wrong justification, sleep tight, profit chasing businessmen, Army teachings, hook or by crook, control subject, dastardly attack, investigate, anti social, anti national, press charges, more to come, noble family, television soap script, blog. .. "
#brain #televisionsoap #Army #pituitarygland #Satan #villain #investigations #HumanRights #GovernmentOfIndia #narcoanalysis  

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2013, May 28 Communication to the MCI - Medical Council Of India.
Find about lethal experimental stuff, sizodon, risperidon, electric shocks, sedated, not debilitated, Crime Branch India, CBI, feeling about the head, sudden ageing, hot water appears cold on the head, criminal mind, guise of Doctor, agitation, troubled, alarmed, seizure, Pacitane, Larpose, Ciplar, Meloset, systems shutting down, stunned body, lack of awareness, Cathode Ray Oscillioscope, electrons, myelin sheath, things are difficult, blog.
#Sizodon #MedicalCouncil #CrimeBranch #India #ageing #seizure #CRO #electrons #myelinsheath #Doctor #disguise  

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December 22, 2015 communication to both PIO and FAA at MCI. This is a forward of a few days earlier email to the Information Commissioner at Central Information Commission. Some attachments were sent to the CIC in that email. They (attachments) were my earlier emails to the MCI. They were sent to the CIC because the RTI (Right To Information) correspondence has a background. Those emails are the background. The CIC must know about that. This email then, that was sent to the CIC, was later forwarded to the MCI itself also. As is evident, since the MCI had not responded, RTI had to be resorted to. The email to the IC (that was forwarded and which is here) also contained, as attachment, the response by the FAA at MCI.
#MCI #MedicalCouncilOfIndia #PIO #FAA #PublicInformationOfficer #FirstAppellateAuthority #InformationCommissioner #CentralInformationCommission #RTI #RightToInformation  

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Khanna Nuring Home, #JanakPuri , #Delhi - a hub for mafia gangsters!
Hectic parleys, MRI report, something went wrong, vibrations in body, sadist, narco analysis, forceful closure, fictitious facts, feeding answers, wrong information, out of work, aggressive, attacking, forceful person, terrified, terrorised, nightmares, Brain Scientist, humanity, nerve degeneration, blog.
#MedicalCouncilOfIndia #MCI #India #IndianArmy #ArmyOfficer #puppet #mafia  
Second letter to the MCI (Medical Council Of India) from a citizen who was back stabbed by an Indian Army Brigadier who is a puppet in the hands of a foreign power, an international mafia hell bent upon subjugating everything about India - its citizens, its entrepreneurs etc. Read the entire blog. Get angry, smoke out this Indian Army Brigadier, and stone him to paralysis. He is going around freely damaging people's healths permanently, damaging their brains, Central Nervous Systems etc. .. He was trading his daughters!

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Battery, torture, stabbed in the back, faith betrayed, intravenous, psychiatrist, blog.
#torture #stabbedintheback #intravenous #psychiatrist #Blog  

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Communication to the Central Information Commission - The CIC of India. This was actually sent to the MCI (Medical Council Of India) because the CIC directed the appellant to inform the MCI also what the appellant has sent the CIC about the MCI. The PIO and the FAA at the MCI were sent separately. Both the communications are here. The attachments are common. The attachments, as is now obvious, are the correspondences to the CIC (Body text and attachment) by the appellant, the Walking Wounded.
#CICIndia #CentralInformationCommission #Notice #appellant  

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Citizen of India attacked by the mafia (including members of the medical fraternity) in 2007 by deceit thereby damaging the Central Nervous System of the citizen, the victim, to the extent that full recovery may never be possible. Post this attack, life is suddenly changed drastically and work has come to a complete stop. Health suddenly deteriorated rapidly. Finances are affected, personal life is affected, destroyed,  professional career is affected, destroyed, future remainder life is permanently affected, destroyed.
Citizen, once a simple nimble footed professional single male, hopes that there may be light. Citizen seeks culprits punished and needs to understand this conspiracy. Years are but passing by, and counting.
#MedicalCouncils #WorldDoctors #Interpol #HumanRights #Emails  

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Ready reference of texts of emails and other communications made to the people at MCI (Medical Council Of India) by a citizen of India after the deadly and criminal attack on the victim's Central Nervous System without informing this citizen, the victim and without permission. The victim lives, but is suffering continuously. The culprits are at large. Justice is sought. The case should be handled by the CBI (India's Central Bureau Of Investigation). The victim is one and the mafia members are many, including from the Medical Fraternity.
#CentralNervousSystem #MCI #MedicalCouncilOfIndia #Emails #CBI #CentralBureauOfInvestigation #CrimeIndia #MedicalFraternity #IndiaAnswers
The Indian people and media should jump into the fray and set things right. #IndianMedia #IndianPeople  

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The FAA (First Appellate Authority) at MCI (Medical Council Of India) was sent this via Speed Post alongwith Postal Order of Rs. 10 (RTI - Right To Information) since there had been no response from the MCI, including the PIO. This comprises the Covering Letter and the accompanying Attachment with the Questions. This was sent on 25th Sept. '14.
#FAA #MCI #RTI #FirstAppellateAuthority #MedicalCouncilOfIndia #RightToInformation #Wounded #Walking
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