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Global interconnectedness and personal responsibility
As I mentioned in my global citizen post, all other countries have either a direct or indirect effect on the United States. It can be a direct effect by a major trade importer has a weakening economy. It can be indirect and as simple as a decrease in a crop...

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What is a global citizen?
The common explanation for a global citizen on the internet is a person who recognizes themselves as a part of the whole world. This is someone that cares not only about the country that they are a citizen of, but also every other country out there. I would...

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Since Tuesday Morning
On Tuesday morning we were guided on a London Legal Walk. We visited the Inns of Court in the Holborn area and the Royal Courts. The Inns of the court is where legal education is taught. They are divided into four memberships; Gray's, Lincoln's, Middle Temp...

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The BIG difference
By now we all are aware that to own a gun in the United Kingdom is illegal.
This is the big difference from our country, the idea to guns over here is that
they are the worst things in the world. It has been very interesting to listen
to the opinions that p...

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My thought on eating out
In my initial posts before we left on the trip I was curious
about the differences in eating out. I researched some of the differences in
eating out between their culture and our culture. After being here for over
half of our study abroad I can confidently ...

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We have been busy
On another cold rainy day my wife and I sit in our room and
eat more Pret a Manager. We are hiding out from the rain after we attended a
Trooping the Colour rehearsal. We had the privilege to stand next to the courtyard
where the troops performed. It was ra...

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Monopoly...not the board game.
Cultures get caught up in the differences that exist. We fail to look at the similarities, maybe because we don't want to admit we are the same. My second minor is business and it is what I intended to get my degree in when I first went to college. If I can...

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Transporation: Culture Shock
Since our time in London began I knew the biggest cultural
difference I would see was transportation. As I look out the window on a rainy
night at the local Pret a Manger I see so many people that use completely
different forms of transportation. First of a...

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Tourist Day
Today was a first full free day and all of the justice studies students took advantage of that time to cross important things off our list. The morning began by making our way to the London Zoo. We spent at least three hours there enjoying the animals and I...

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Security differences in London
Today we ate a proper English breakfast out our hotel, I was not overly impressed with it. The sausage was good, but I was not a fan of the bacon. They put a much larger emphasis on their breakfast over here. Our scheduled event for the day was meeting Cons...
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