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Not Bias Post: Looking at how music in games affects how we interact in the game #VideoGames #Psychology #Music

Music is… Music is a mood enhancer. The soundtrack to your life, to your experiences current and past. Music highlights the drama in your life, the carefree moments with friends, the intensity of a shootout in a movie or game. Music and sound build off of…

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New Bias Post: How Steam/Blizzard build Brand Trust and how PokemonGo squanders it #Psychology #VideoGames #PokemonGo

PoGo PoGo PoGo The summer of Pokemon Go is almost completed and it still seems like many are still at it. Walk by a public park and you’ll still find people at all hours of the day with their head down at their phone flicking towards the top of the…

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Post: Why having a game be tightly assoc'd with a company (e.g. E3) affects our expectations #Psychology #VideoGames

E3 happened a few months back and PAX West (originally PAX Prime) is about to happen in a few weeks. Game companies showcasing their pet projects for all to see, people to play and experiment with the parts that seem to be working and find the flaws that…

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New Bias in Gaming post: Talking about how attention and rankings affect how we buy games. #Gaming #Psychology

Imagine this scenario, you’re on Steam perusing the store and you find your way to one of the multitude of game categories – let’s say Action games. So you start looking through the games to see what you might like. What do you think you’d click on? There…

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Put together an abrv highlights from #SGDQ2016 to make it easier to sift through. Enjoy #speedruns #gaming

Summer Games Done Quick 2016 has wrapped up. The event raised around $1.3 million for Doctors Without Borders during the week long charity stream where around 170 games and 200 players donated their time and expertise to give the gaming community an…

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New Bias in Gaming Post: Complexity and Toxic Gaming Cultures: A mini-case study of #LeagueOfLegends and #Overwatch #Psychology #GameDesign #Gamedev

Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to devote time into games that are seemingly more and more complex? Complexity in many games might not be apparent at first, but some have a surprising depth to them that can make it intimidating to get…

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How Our Preferences for Games Change, Assortative Mating and Coping Mechanisms #VideoGames #Psychology

Bias In Gaming: How Our Preferences for Games Change, Assortative Mating and Coping MechanismsGrowing up is weird. I remember sitting down in front of the TV, finishing a king-size bag of Doritos; watching Rugrats, Doug and Rocko’s Modern Life from sunup…

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Exploring groups dynamics, single/multiple games, MMOS and the Not-Invented-Here bias

Problem solving can be difficult. You sit there, consuming yourself with a problem, viewing it from as many angles as possible to come up with what you think is a masterful solution, something to be marveled. Sometimes the solution comes quickly and…

Post has attachment Exploring games with choice, emotional distress and why we fallback to a predetermined choice. #Gaming #GameDesign

Playing a game like inFamous, Bioshock, Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic, or any game that has a morality system built into the game has been a bit strange for me. They build stories where you get to choose how your character’s life should play…

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Talking story-gameplay context, puzzles and feeling like a gimped Neo in #Superhot #Gaming #GameDesign #GameDev

Having the infinite power to survey and analyze while stuck with the limitations of the human body. If you ever felt like The Flash needed a handicap, this would be the best one to give him. Given the power of high speed thought and processing, without…
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