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North East Business Consultants : North East Business Advice and Marketing

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Todays tip: If you are going to employ / use an SEO company - use a one from page 1, don't use a one on page 5 - defeats the object, right?

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Any luck on the grand national today?...our horse finished second.

Today is budget statement by George Osbourne...

Will we see investment or more cuts?...

If the rumours are to be believed we are to see a cut in corporation tax... sadly a 1p cut in corporation tax is not enough for small businesses. We want and need access to funding... we need to now concentrate on growth with these record low interest rates but sadly we've got a feeling that won't happen...

What is everyone elses views and thoughts?

the horse meat scandel here in the UK seems to have hit just about everyone now - in school meals, hospitals, prisons - its just not on one bit. No wonder the british farmers couldnt compete on price - I just hope that the UK supermarkets now only sell british beef - we need to help the UK economy mroe than ever and what a perfect time to start!...what is everyones thoughts on the horse scandel?

What does everyone think about China overtaking the USA and now being the powerhouse of the world?

Does America now have to bow down the China demands and accept business demands?... what political influence does this give China?...


P.S - its shrove tuesday - who's having pancakes? :)

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Our new website has just been launched...

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We are the 4th Best Microbusiness in the UK - just one of many reasons to choose us for your business advice or business consultancy  - check us out

It's Official - we are the 4th best microbusiness in the UK!!! - thank you to everyone who voted for us :) -

Well the snow is well and truely coming down now...think i got in the house just in time today :)...
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