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For here and now I will stop using Google services except Google search, and I will stop using my favorite browser, Chrome. I'll try to move from YouTube to Vimeo, if I am qualified enough to do this: I'm not awesome enough for Vimeo anyway. My next phone will be an iPhone, even though I hate iPhones, I will still not use Android to protest Google. Like I don't fucking care. You'll never care about me Google. Get ready for a fucking lesson. The Internet, which is once you thought you owned, will teach you a lesson. FUCK OFF. You changed shit to YouTube. You enslaved the fucking world. The failure of Google+ made you fucking pissed off, so you pissed on us. But fuck that. Remember what happened to MySpace, Yahoo and Excite? Who still give fucks about that shit! 
As a small and independent creator of YouTube, I say, I FUCK YOU GOOGLE.
#FUCKGOOGLE    #FUCKYOUTUBE   #fuckyoutubesnewcommentsystem  

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Check it out.

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Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thank you. I am a Chinese guy and I thank you for doing this. Just made my day. The government should've helped you do this.

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This just can't be funnier. #WillSassoLemons.
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