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Morgan Stinson
I am mean and tough.
I am mean and tough.

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I'll be at Dreamation this weekend and I'll be running the latest version of +Morgan Stinson's Fedora Noir! Here's the times it's running and the reservation codes:

R0243 Friday: 10am -1pm
R0305 Friday: 9pm - Midnight
R0342 Saturday: 10am - 1pm (one seat left at time of writing!)
R0408 Saturday: Midnight - 3am

"1930s America; the country is recovering from a depression, Hollywood is in an upswing, and alcohol is legal again. All of this would be good news except today you have a case; someone has gone missing. You, a worn down detective and their trusty hat, are the only one who can solve the case. But, in order to do that, you must rely on the only two people still willing to talk to you. Do they still care for you or are they only here to take what little you have left? Will your old habits come back to haunt you, or do you have what it takes to overcome temptation? Learn about the rotten underbelly of the city, rediscover your checkered past, and connect the facts of the case to find out what's really happening."

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Wandered into a nightmare-scape, found a plush battle-lion, and shoved candy into the mouth of the king.

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I'm dumb, so I didn't register already. It looks like everything on eventbee is sold out. Can I get tickets at the door?

Just pre-ordered an Oculus Rift. If you need to contact me, just send a postcard addressed to THE FUTURE. 

You did it, +Jay Loomis . You let us boost you for a whole month. I hope we kept it positive enough to be helpful, and that the pressure drove you forward and not down. It's not easy to ask for help, but you did. You're the best. 

Good morning, +Jay Loomis . You only need to do a little work today. 

Good morning, +Jay Loomis​. I can see the ocean from where I'm eating. Everything continues moving.

Good morning, +Jay Loomis​. It's a chilly Saturday. Stay frosty.

Evening, +Jay Loomis​. Hope you are warm and toasty and still FIRED UP.

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Good morning, +Jay Loomis . I hope you are pardoning turkeys like a prez today. 
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