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Sharing this because it is a classic, much like McLuhan's cameo in Annie Hall.
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I couldn't tell if the first minute was a collage, or if they were just totally talking past each other (I sort of wish the entire discussion had this feeling). It's striking how radical McLuhan's ideas sound today, let alone 1968.
I know! I was reading Northrop Frye's collection of essays "The Bush Garden" - it's quite amazing, you can look past Frye and see McLuhan, then past McLuhan to the influence of Harold Innis, whose writing still comes off as groundbreaking and uniquely Canadian after the better part of 80 years and the intervening cultural changes that have taken place here and globally.
Nicholas Carr wrote that article, and seeing that caused me to double check if it was the same NC who wrote which was interesting, though not convincing. This led me to an old Fallows piece from 1981 which I read a few years ago, and is one of my favorite pieces of tech journalism ever, you should definitely read it when you have a chance
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