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Clary Business Machines

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Clary Business Machines

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Clary Icon manufactures interactive collaboration technologies including the award winning OneScreen™. The OneScreen is an interactive video whiteboard that combines video conferencing, whiteboarding and computing from a single touch screen so teams can productively work together when they need to, from across the globe or across the table. We deliberately design for ease of use and only engineer with best-in-class technologies including Hitachi StarBoard, Logitech, LG, Sharp and Vidtel.
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Clary Business Machines

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Welcome to Claryco Official Google+ Page

Clary Co. is an online space for affordable Electronic Whiteboards, Smart Boards, ID Card Printers, Paper Shredders, Wireless Tablets, and Audience Response Systems (ARS). The web site provides a simple user interface and relevant information right on to your screen with just few clicks. Buy right Electronic Whiteboard, Single or Dual sided ID card Printer with select encoding, or a Paper Shredder – all at one place – and benefit from Educational Discounts, exclusive 30-Day Return Policy, round the clock Customer Support, and significant Price cut on Bulk Purchases.

Detailed Description:

Clary Co. is a subsidiary of Clary Business Machines – leading provider of Office Equipments and Business Solutions since 1954. It offers a wide range of products, including ID Card Printers, Office Shredders, Interactive Whiteboards, Audience Response Systems (ARS), and Wireless Tablets in affordable prices to make these cutting edge technologies available and accessible for everyone and increase office productivity.

The Clary Co. integrates with Google CheckOut, PayPal, and various online payment services through credit cards to deliver secure and convenient transaction, based on customer preference.  It ensures satisfied customers and businesses with an exclusive 30-DAY RETURN POLICY and 24/7 FRIENDLY SUPPORT over Phone, Emails, and through Live Chat.

Product Profile:

  • Electronic Whiteboards and Interactive Presentation tools from leading manufacturers such as Hitachi, Panasonic, PolyVision, Mimio, PLUS, eBeam, QOMO, and Wacom. The comprehensive product range include a series of products in:

o   Dry-Erase Whiteboards

o   Anti-Glare SmartBoards

o   Wireless  Tablets

o  Bluetooth Tablets

o   Audience Response Systems (ARS)

o  Infrared enabled ARS

o  Radio Frequency enabled ARS

o   Interactive Plasma or LCD Display

o  Plasma Overlay

o   Whiteboard Digitizers

o   CopyBoards

o  Color CopyBoard

o  Monochrome (Black and White) CopyBoard

  • ID Card Printers include a vast range of ID Card or Security Card Printers from top-selling brands including Fargo, Zebra, Datacard, Evolis, and MagiCard. These intuitive Card Printing Machines are widely used for printing visitor badges, employee identification cards, payment cards, and authorization cards, enabling secure access and identification management.

o   ID Card Printer capabilities

  1. Single sided ID Card Printers
  2. Double Sided ID Card Printers
  3. ID Card with Laminators

o   Encoding Techniques

  1. Contact Smart Card
  2. HiD Proximity Encoding
  3. ISO Magnetic Stripe Encoding
  4. Contact Less Smart Card
  • Paper Shredders are used to dispose-off sensitive and confidential personal and corporate documents to cease unwanted access. Shredder machines come in a variety of configurations to serve disparate working environments and shredding needs.  Clary Co. showcases exclusive range of shredder machines from manufacturers such as Fellowes, KOBRA, Swingline, DESTROYIT, CleanTec, and Formax.

o   Shredder Type

  1. Cross cut Shredders
  2. Strip Cut Shredders
  3. Micro Cut Shredders
  4. High Security Shredders or Super Micro Cut Shredders

o   Shredder Size

Personal Shredders

  1. Office Shredders
  2. Departmental Shredders
  3. Industrial Shredders or Commercial Shredders

o   Optical Media Shredders

For more information about our products, please visit

Contact Information
Contact info
(800) 992 5279
(858) 552-0910
6224 Ferris Square, Suite C San Diego, CA 92121