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Being Her; a Short Story
to Control Tower Mayday,
Mayday  Repeat BA198 to Control Tower over..I remember
the same sound repeatedly then we felt something as if we were in a
roller-coaster and it was going down, way down and everything went blank after
that,” said the woman s...
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Pretty Man
I was
looking for answers of my life’s miseries I couldn’t
figure out why I wasn’t able To lead
the life I’ve always wanted to How I
was so naive and vulnerable You came
across my way in a lonely Sunday night I was
about to leave for the place to stay the n...
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Sikkim - Heaven Within Reach
If Mumbai is the City of Dreams then Gangtok is the City of
Dreamers; you’ll pretty much find all kinds of people there but mainly Tourists
just like us from all over the world. Sikkim is known as Asia’s Switzerland and
it definitely lives upto the promises...
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The Cheating Code
all cheaters and we’re all sinners; if you do not agree with me then you’re
living in denial my dear. Have you ever gone with the idea of need than want?
That’s greed, hence a sin. Have you ever taken a shortcut? Have you ever lied?
That is cheating t...
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Global Social Problem
have been a bit too social in the 21 st century not in the
traditional way but in the advanced way. We’ve been social networking a bit too
much. It’s impossible to think about life without internet or Facebook or
Twitter or Instagram or WhatsApp or Vine;...
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Let's Not Be Yourself Today
are you today? No, not fine, not okay; how are you? Ask yourself that question
once in a while. If you’re happy then  I've  got nothing for you and kudos for
figuring out this game; we envy you for that. If you find yourself in a
miserable position as I...
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Kids are alright, are they?
might seem a bit strange to take advice from a 20 year old about parenting or
kids; well trust me it’s strange for myself as well but I  couldn't  help myself
but write this. You might have skipped out on a very important fact and that
is; I might be you...
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Excuses, we are Kings and Queens of that, now aren’t we? But
why do we make up excuses? Is it because we are afraid of the truth? Well, I
believe we could not care any less about the truth and we are never intimidated
by it, the reason why we hide it is bec...
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I Have a Dream
I Have a Dream I have a dream, a vision, a crystal clear collision With reality mixed in illusion I have grounds. Occasionally I fly, I hear the sounds when angels cry I have a heart, a soul, an aim and a goal I have left my longings covered in glitter on g...
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