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New JSS server  
The Journal of Statistical Software moved to a new server based on Open Journal Systems (OJS, which not only hosts published software/manuscripts but also provides a full editorial system. Thus, all submissions, reviews, etc. can now be made through the new OJS system.

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DOIs for JSS publications  
The Journal of Statistical Software now provides DOIs (digital object identifiers, for its publications. For example, doi:10.18637/jss.v063.i01 refers to the introduction to the recent special volume on software for spatial statistics. The DOIs for past publications are listed on the respective web page. Future publications (starting from Volume 67) will also show the DOIs in the PDF manuscripts - and also provide DOIs for the references cited in the manuscripts.

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We (ifgi together with the university library) are looking for three research associates to help us change how reproducible research can work in practice and how reproducible papers can be implemented, in a DFG-funded project. See:

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Junk journals send constant junk mails soliciting research papers - now it's our turn to publish their illiterate sentences. I'm hashing #junkjournal just to make fun of them - who else wants to take a swing at these jerks?

Sure, we could try to take the moral high ground and justify why we're doing this. Maybe we could argue that they're disturbing researchers, that they publish 'noise' and support activity that's bad for the scientific enterprise. Maybe this is all true, maybe not. The point is, I don't care.

You see, if they're asking for money to publish research papers, you'd think they'd at least bother to edit their adverts.

So if you're a #junkjournal , be ready, cause I'm setting my sights on you. I'm publishing your 'work', just to make fun of you. Basically, I'm starting my free open access journal, called #junkjournal .

Instead of looking for submissions, we're looking for publishers! Chances are, if you're a scientist, you have some illiterate gems sitting right in your inbox, ready to be shared.

The following are quotes over the last 72 hours (yes, it's gotten that bad).

Inaugural issue of #junkjournal volume 1, issue 1, 2014

- "Your joining will be our growing power, we are anticipating for your participance.", Science Publishing Group.

- "Doubtless scholarly benefit and impact to the authors in long run.", Advances in Research.

- "Authors are invited to submit a full paper, and papers should be write in English.", ACAR2014|WIT Transactions on Engineering Science

- "We follow robust and neutral double-blind fold peer review system" - Journal of Applied Physical Science International

Instructions for authors. We are accepting high-quality and cutting edge illiterate sentences for immediate social media publication.

Unlike Journal of Applied Physical Science International, we don't follow a "neutral double-blind fold peer review system". Publication in #junkjournal is based solely on a non-disclosed, subjective entertainment rating system.  Which I've simply invented on my own authority, much like your #junkjournal

All published sentences will be made freely available online, and indexed by top places like google as well as social media channels including even twitter (high-profile). Although #junkjournal specializes in the rapid, high-viability publication of illiterate sentences, we occasionally accept idiotic and illogical statements, regardless of grammatical consistency. For example:

- "Our journals have been chosen by academicians of many famous universities, institutes, etc.", Advances in Research

* All submissions are typically made by first creating a bot to harvest emails from existing online scientific content. 

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Five more days to apply for a Marie Curie ITN PhD position in -- check out topic 8, "sensing quality of life", supervised by me, topic 9, " Climate change and impacts on the quality of life in urban systems", with Christina Costa, or topic 12, "Spatio-Temporal Online Social Network Analysis", with Jorge Mateu. Don't hesitate to contact if you're interested.

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