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+Vic Gundotra A LOT of the people who ordered the Nexus 10 have gotten nothing but HORRIBLE service since our devices havent been sent.  Here's some information for you:!category-topic/mobile/android-devices/AQHkgXsDHao

I've never experienced such HORRIBLE customer service.  I even had a supervisor named William give me attitude because he didnt know where the product I ordered was.  His reply "there's not much i can do for you"  
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I too am in the exact same boat. Frustration doesn't begin to describe the feeling when you read about others who ordered after you receiving their items!
same here. I just want some sort of service.
This has been a truly terrible purchasing experience.  It's been 6 days since I purchased a Nexus 10 and I still don't even know if one is going to ship or not, it's still pending.  I've called Google three times and they can't tell me anything other than to keep waiting.
I'm not sure I would every buy again directly from Google, its been a horrible process so far.
This is a horrible time of year to be stuck in analysis paralysis about the right PR move to make.  A lot of us have holiday-dependent schedules and need to know if/when we will receive products so we can make plans based on what is going to happen.
Where the hell is my n10. No info I bought it from google Canada well before it went out of stock 
Same deal here - having a bit of nerd tickle me elmo syndrome of this year.  A confirmation as to what is going on would be great - virtually anything, Ooops orders between 8:34 and 8:50 pst got b0rked, sorting, will have it expedited.  Or our shipping dept messed up communication with UPS, or some other issue.  Just any type of news would be great.
I'm sorry, but I have yet to experience 'HORRIBLE' service from Google. Everyone I have spoken to has been polite and helped me the best they can. I too haven't received my N10, nor any emails regarding it, but I know I WILL eventually have it. Everyone needs to keep in mind that customer service really only knows what they can see on the monitor before them. They can't magically make the devices appear on our doorstep. This may actually be a UPS problem and not a Google problem... certainly no reason to bash the customer service. It should be expected that there be some hiccups on shipping a device as popular as this... It would take you much longer to get it anywhere else.
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