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Try to create your favorite pattern in 3D space for the 600 cell, the 16 cell or the 5-cell, and fold it in 4D with the slider. The program will only show the orthogonal projection (shadow) in 3D space.
Note: you can save your work.

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Matt Parker made a video about our Brilliant Geometry exhibition in Edinburgh!

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Topographical topology at the Arches National Park in Utah!

Is there anywhere in the world where either the Earth, or its complement, is not a handlebody?

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Come spend a semester illustrating mathematics with us, Fall 2019 at ICERM!

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New video I did with Numberphile!

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Sensual Mathematics

Some of +Henry Segerman's and my 3D prints were recently used in a student art exhibit at Aalto University, Finland after Henry gave a talk there.

The piece, titled Shadow Lanterns, uses a sequence of {4,3,r} honeycombs for r = 3 to r = 7. The last two are truncations. The artists printed half-models and put a light source at the center, projecting shadows onto cylinders.

There are a number of cool looking projects in this video of the exhibit, and Shadow Lanterns makes its appearance around the 2-minute mark.

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I played with the Vive version of this (it's also available on iOS) when I visited Marc. As far as I know, I am the first person in history to juggle three hyperspheres!

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Spherical video walkthrough of our #BrilliantGeometry exhibition at Summerhall in Edinburgh.

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James Glossop wrote in The Times about a photo he took of me at our #BrilliantGeometry exhibition in Edinburgh.
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