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Denis Dimick
Sleep is overrated
Sleep is overrated

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Picked up a New ICOM 718 last week from Universal Radio. $549.95

For a first time HF rig it's a very good value. I'd looked at some of the other HF rigs that had the VHF/UHF options added and they where double the cost.

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Went into the garage and saw one of the cats looking up at the roof. Swipe is busted.

India Officials: Tree Obama Planted Isn’t Dead, Just Looks Dead

That's too funny

Called the VA again today - it's the number to get your Veterans Choice Card enrolled (VA health care) - it was about my 10th call in 2 weeks. They have a really polite recording saying their busy and I should consider how busy they are when I call back - then they hang up.

But hot shit, they did thank me for my service.

Fucking wankers.

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Why do cats do this? She just opened 30 browser windows using some secret key combination.

You would think making the dog cry would be enough satisfaction for her.
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