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Bread of the Poilu, Part I
Bread of the Poilu, Part I: The Bread Ration Poilu   I have returned after a rather protracted absence while experiencing what we used to refer to in the Army as being "OBE" (Overcome By Events), a catchall phrase used to indicate being preoccupied by a sim...

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A Mess Tin Primer, Part III
Bowls, Boilers and Meat Cans In this post we will delve into the subject of non-Kochgeschirr type mess tin design in the 20th century. Mess tins followed many different design paths as a result of the requirements dictated by  field feeding systems, methods...

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Tushonka Recipe, 1941
Tushonka, Soviet Army
& Navy, 1941 Reproduction tushonka labels. Tushonka is a Russian canned stewed and spiced meat, most commonly pork or beef.  285 million pounds of pork tushonka were produced in the United States during WW2, to Soviet specifications, f...

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A Mess Tin Primer, Part II
Part II - Kochgeschirr-type Mess Tins      It was seen in an earlier post that mess tin designs often developed along parallel tracks. However, one design that
undoubtedly influenced many other 20th century mess tins was the German Kochgeschirr (lit.: cookw...

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A Mess Tin Primer: Part I
A Mess Tin Primer, Part I – An
Introduction and the Early Years Overview      I feel that no discussion about field rations would be complete without addessing the subject of that humble implement of fine soldierly field dining, the mess tin.  Mess tins are...

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Roasting Coffee in the Field
      Depending on the army and the historical period, the
coffee issued to individual soldiers or mess sections could have been green and unroasted. There was a good reason behind this practice: as long as they are kept dry, green coffee beans can last as

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The Joy of Field Rations
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