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OGAM Uji the finale- ruined temple
The last of our
trilogy mini-series on the Gampei War. Well, until the next
one. Didn't get where I
am today without doing a trilogy in 4 parts. No
excuses for this one, more playtesting of new nasties from the
Sengoku range. Well, it sort of did. Have yo...

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OGAM Boasting for Samurai. No.4 in our Gempei trilogy.
Do it,
experiment- pull apart. Strive. I'm soo old I can
remember when an “Ap” was a Welsh “son of”. What the traits
doo's is add little apps to your wee warriors. If you have a
follow-on result you're really bringing your battlefield to life!
This is w...

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OGAM Uji 2 follow-on raid
follow-on. We had such fun with
the last game (plus the fact I'd been making buildings) we thought a
follow-on was mooted. Although I hadn't made one, so settled on the
outskirts of a monastery instead. Following the original battle the Imperial forces...

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RS Dalek Dilemma or Real Trouble in New Osaka
So He-Who-Writes did
decree, decry and demand: “ A very simple playtest help you can
give. Please try squads with a bit more points (say, 230-250 max) but
allowing leveled skills up to +5 (marksman 5, weapon master 5, tech
5, tough 5) and please let me know...

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OGAM Uji 2 Once more onto the bridge!
“ Once
more with feeling!” Why do the same game
twice? Depends on your players and your rules.   Back int' day when I
attended a local club, 2 players would happily bring the huge mound
of figures, set them up in 2 lines just out of shooting, then send

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Ogam Battle of Uji 1120 the fantasy version 1 of 2
“ I'm
surrounded by drunken fools,  I need bigger monsters!” This is a version of the battle of Uji on 20 June,1180. The opening battle of the
Gempei war. I've long had a fascination for this battle. My old copy
of Steven Turnbull's The Samurai A Military...

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OGAM The Great Arcadian Cattle Raid. This time its bull
are a million stories in Arcadia. This is one of them. The names
have not been changed to protect the innocent. Apollo. I invited a relative over for the weekend (he doesn't get out much)
and a couple of Dryads, who are mad for gods and demigods. I...

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RS Yorkshire Epilogue mutant cock and alien domination
Right this is it. Last 2. No more Yorkshire. The cock
is cooked, pig stewed, the pudding pounded. As we saw last week the Imperial forces won, pushing
Hilclin-Ton, Bilclin-Ton and a few stragglers to their last refuge. This, as stated, is Rough Stars bu...

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OGAM Japanese - thoughts on upgrading
I want to see if I'm
heading in the right direction. The launch of the latest Sengoku
wave has crystalised a few ideas. We've just finished a
long, rambling succesful campaign that involved several rulesets.
The smaller games both started the campaign and...

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Flying Lead And still they come t' Yorkshire
The Prologue to the Epilogue. Well here it is, the last in a long and winding series –
unless --? Let us recap. Three aliens Hilclin-Ton,
Bilclin-Ton and Trump-Ton, crash land in deepest Yorkshire. Finding
themselves in the unfashionable and neglected pa...
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