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Did you know we all shares the same water?

Marie Russell-Barker

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Hate is like a sore them more you pick at it the worst it  become, so is the Tea Parties which is the old KKK, they want to destroy America make it incapable of helping the poor, bring it to its knees give Big Businesses and the Oil Coal Companies the leeway leaving the poor to defend for themselves, hate breeds destruction.  These people are destroying our Country.

Marie Russell-Barker

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Get your health care question on!

Marie Russell-Barker

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Shooting at Capitol Hill, Police lingered, watch now
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Marie Russell-Barker

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Did you know that we share all waters therefore contaminated water travels through all 50 States. What happens in one State via connection of our waters contaminate spreads through. The Big Oil Companies want pipe lines (with dirty sand oil) running through our lands and waters both are harmful to all through our waters and foods that we eat. If you would please sign the petition and let them know no no we will not stand by while we becomes sick and maybe die.
Really when will people learn that Gay Marriage do not in any way harm straight Marriages and they should be treated like every citizen in the State. We can not keep discriminating against people who have chosen to live their lives in a different way. This Judge in my opinion ruled wrong he saw different when he should have seen humans who want to adopt a child. A child that wouldn't had a better life with people who would have loved them and provided for them. What did this judge do he saw two women instead of two people offering a child a good home. He never once thought about how many people he hurt with this ruling to go to court the most hurt person was the child.
Hunger can be concurred one step at a time, simply by teaching other how to grow food.  One small Farm is able to feed a neighborhood just imagine if there were ten or twelve farmers all growing food hunger could be stamped out within two or three years.  Educating city dwellers how to grow small gradings also can stomp out hunger, then we can see our Education systems grow.  It is hard to study when hunger keeps nagging at you. Teach those who live in foreign lands where it is almost impossible to grow Farms how to fertilize the earth and make it  yield food for the hunger, we have the ideals now let's make it work.  Instead of feeding the hunger teach them how to feed themselves and hunger is stamped out completely. 
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Retired Program Assistance GOV. EMP
  • U.S. HUD
    Retired Program Assistance GOV. EMP, 1950 - 2003
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Chicago, Illinois
I am a person who fights for justice equality, rights of all humans I am a grandmother and a great grand mother. Love hope and faith is my moto!
I am sixty five and the mother of three children two grandsons all grown and one greatgrand daughter 7 years old. I was born in Lexington MS and raised in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Harrison Hight
    1948 - 1950
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