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Brendan Mooney Psychologist

How often do we assume something is fixed without taking into consideration all the choices we can make to change it?

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It is deeply inspiring to have those who truly love themselves walking around in the world, for they reflect to all that love is not just an ideal but can be lived.

A true practitioner of life is always open to learning, always open to deepening...

Supporting people on how to handle their sensitivity in a world that is often intense is key to addressing anxiety.

Society places enormous value on 'getting tasks over the line' such as work deadlines, getting the kids to school on time, paying our bills diligently, keeping a neat and tidy house etc...but VERY LITTLE value is placed on truly loving our bodies, especially if this should in any way disrupt our performance in 'getting tasks over the line'. What an absurd world we live in!

We can choose to change our behaviours, clothes, and outside environment. We can choose to go on holidays or change jobs, get a new partner or have a bath at the end of the day. However, unless we choose to change the actual quality we perform all these activities in, we have not truly made a different choice, but instead merely improved our landscape, so to speak, on the outside.

Realising we have a CHOICE is very freeing to the otherwise imprisoning belief that life just happens to us and we have no control over it.

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When people hear the word ‘detached’ it can bring up beliefs about being heartless, clinical or cold towards another. However being detached is simply not taking on another’s issue/s, understanding that it is their issue not yours to deal with. Whilst we can provide all the support a person requires, ultimately it is up to them to address whatever is troubling them…so to never take on their issue as your own and work through it. Otherwise the ‘helper’ essentially becomes a ‘human sponge’, taking on everyone else’s issues under the belief that somehow they are doing good.

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Particularly when it comes to our closest loved ones, we often interchange the terms support and help as meaning the same thing. However, what if we considered there is an important difference between supporting someone and helping them?
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