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I'm not terribly interesting. Rather than me typing out a life story no one will read, feel free to ask me what you want to know about me.
I'm not terribly interesting. Rather than me typing out a life story no one will read, feel free to ask me what you want to know about me.

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Blood spattered, crimson robed Lich?

Found image on Google...any help listing the source is appreciated!

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The selling point for this app for me will be whether you can introduce home-brewed content. Like custom races, classes and so forth. If it has that option then I'll almost certainly buy it, if it doesn't then I may go third-party or just do without an app at all, like I have been forever now.

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[insert unoriginal Terminator reference here]

Seriously, this is impressive however.

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Some interesting discussion going on, here, in the original post. 
There are people that are tired of defending their statements. They think certain matters are settled, and the only argument against their views are made by those willfully ignorant, if not actively malicious. And so the arguments they make are less arguments and more pronouncements from on high, to be only received.

What a load of entitled, self-serving shit.

If you want to promote your point of view, you have to both make and defend the argument. You have to engage with the people who disagree. Always. Today, tomorrow, forever, until the end of time, and even beyond that if we can ever figure out how to get there.

Because, hello, there are over seven billion people on this planet and constantly, all the time, there are thousands of people who for whatever reason weren't paying attention to the discussion yesterday that are paying attention today. Every day, new people, just being made aware of an issue, or just now getting interested in it.

You cannot lecture or dictate to these people and expect them to be on your side. You cannot take your underlying logic for granted, and you cannot dismiss them as ignorant because just by the virtue of the existence of human reproduction, there will necessarily be an unlimited and unending horde of ignorant people constantly entering the conversation with their new experiences and new perspectives that you yourself will be ignorant about because they're new and you're not.

You have to actually make the argument to them. You have to engage with them. From the bottom up. Or else there is no reason why they should ever pay you any attention. You're not right because you say you are, you're right because you can back up what you say.

If this sounds like too much a bother, exactly why are you trying to be part of the conversation in the first place? What is your point, your goal in doing so?

And you can't dodge it. You can't. You can't just claim they need education, as their educators, their very culture, may hold values you do not. Or what, you going to link them to a website with the "correct" thinking to avoid doing the work yourself? Why should they believe your preferred link versus the million other websites which will promote a different view?

When you speak up and make a point to some sort of audience, you're making yourself part of the conversation, so then to you, and only to you, falls the responsibility to back up what you say. To defend your point of view.

And then even after the discussion, after all your best arguments are put forth, there will be people who still disagree with you. Sometimes this disagreement will be strong. People you have to share the same environment with, whether it be the public square, private gatherings, a workplace, a classroom, or maybe even your own home.

Your argument and your philosophy must allow for that, because that's a reality that will never change. No matter your morals, your ethics, your philosophy, your beliefs, people in your immediate environment will disagree, and will have every right, and every responsibility, to continue to speak up for their beliefs and make arguments supporting their beliefs, that are in direct opposition to your views and in the same spaces that you inhabit.

And every day, there will be people new to the issues that take their side, not yours.

And you want to not defend your arguments? You're tired of it all? What, you thought it was even possible that there could ever be an end-state where you are Correct?


Circumstances change. Society changes. Facts change. Balances of power, a succession of zeitgeists, advancing technology, simply billions of people living their lives and then dying... chances are this hill you want to die on, this thing you believe in 100%, this thing you may even be 100% correct about... will change. Not tomorrow. Not all at once. But someday, chances are excellent that you'll wake up to find what you believed in and argued so passionately for (or against) is simply no longer relevant. Yes, in your lifetime.

And you want to not have to defend your arguments? Seriously?

"Pronounce and retreat" is the mark of intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

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As soon as I'm able, I'm going to be modding a new area and adventure path for those who have beaten Skyrim called The Claw of Destiny. The storylines and locations are going to be entirely separate from those of the main Skyrim game, and existing mods to that game. It's a chance to take on the role of a modest hero, and lets you face challenges perhaps less epic in scale, but allows to better appreciate the local scope of the game.


SETTING: The game takes place in Svizilund, a small island off the coast of Skyrim that proudly proclaims its neutrality in all wars and such matters. It's officially part of Skyrim, but is largely overlooked. The civil war that has consumed Skyrim proper never made its way here. But that's probably because no one ever visits Svizilund, it's a shithole where people make their way by fishing. Nothing good ever happens here. No boats travel to or from the mainland. If you live here, your life sucks. This includes your character: welcome to poverty fantasy, epic fantasy's lesser cousin


YOUR CHARACTER: You wake up in a little ramshackle shack, with someone nudging you awake. At this point you get to make your character, just like Skyrim. The default is Argonian, but can choose to be some white trash Nord or Breton, maybe a Dunmer. You have a pared down skill list, no magical skills here (Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, etc), the people here are poorly educated, inbred, and afraid of magic, and everyone is illiterate so they wouldn't be able to read spell tomes or magic skillbooks anyway. Alchemy is about as magical as it gets. Including you; you think you're special? Further, all the skills cap at 50; this isn't going to be an issue, you won't be playing that long, trust me. A new race is available, however.

Reikling: Resistance to frost damage (as Nord); may Grovel piteously for their lives (treat as Voice of the Emperor, except Grovel may only be used in combat once you have reached half health or less); bonuses to Archery and Stealth.

A new feature available to this mod is Background, adding a new facet to your character:

*Beggar: You have no marketable skills or prospects, and make your way by begging. You may ask any NPC you talk to for money; this is a new conversation option only Beggars have. There's a 75% chance you will get 1 Septum, and a 25% chance that that person will beat you for your temerity. In addition, you start with no possessions or money at all.
*Drunk: You get +25% better bonuses from alcohol (mead, ale, wine, etc), but if you don't drink at least one drink a day, a random skill or attribute will decrease by 5 permanently. This is cumulative.
*Fisher: You might be some backwater uneducated illiterate, but you know fish like no non-fisher knows fish. You gain +50% more benefits from eating any food made from fish, but you smell like fish all the time, and are thus unpopular: -5 Speech.
*Crafter: You make your living crafting and repairing boats, nets, fishing gear and the like. You gain a +5 bonus to Smithing, but since you and your family have been overcharging everyone for their services, you suffer a -5 Speech penalty because you are an asshole.
*Skooma Addict: Like the Drunk, but with skooma instead of booze.

Based on the choices you make, you will wake up to different family and a different abode (fishing shack, skooma den, etc al). Your family member informs you that that they're tired of your lazy no-prospects ass lying around and not doing anything, and that the town has bestowed upon you the honor of taking out a mudcrab that's harassing the fishermen. Because nobody cares if you in particular live or die. They hand you a club (stats as wooden sword) and a ratty piece of leather armor and escort you out of the house, and then lock the door behind you.

Thus armed, the only way to progress in the story is to face the offending mudcrab and beat it to death with your stick. It's a long and hard fight, because you're using a shit weapon and those fucking crabs hit hard. You might die and reload a few times, or have to run off like a little bitch to rest and recuperate. People will laugh at you. but when you finally you kill the mudcrab, the most amazing thing happens:

First, you are treated to a cut scene where you dramatically jump atop the crab's back and hit it with your club and stomp on it; and second, you absorb the soul of the mudcrab, to the astonishment and amusement of all onlookers. Thus you discover your special destiny as the MUDCRAB-BORN!


YOUR DESTINY (SUCH AS IT IS): Then out of nowhere, you hear a summons, a voice great and powerful that shakes the very land: it is yodeling, hailing from the hill over yonder. Because you're locked out of the place you were crashing, and have nothing better to do, you head up the hill to a little villa. There you will find the Blondebraids, a hermitage of nothing but buxom blonde Nord women wearing blue and white dresses, who have retired from the world and stripping to study the Way of the Yodel. You have been summoned by Heidi, who says that she and the Blondebraids are there to guide you on your path to becoming the great Mudcrab-born. Heidi informs you that another Mudcrab-born has not been sighted in the area in some time, like months, but he died in a skeever mauling, so now you bear that great mantle. If you choose the conversation option, "So what does yodeling have to do with crabs? This makes no sense.", she replies, "I doon't oonderstand ze purpose ov ze question. Vood you like a hot chookolit?" Heidi and the merry maids of the hermitage will teach you how to channel the powers of the mudcrab via special yodels, powered by the souls of hapless mudcrabs you butcher, such as:

*Durty Claz: You yodel and gain pincers in place of your heads. You do fairly decent damage with your claws, and infect your victim with disease. On the other hand, while transformed, picking locks and in pockets are a no-go.
*Luke Lak Rook: You yodel and enter stealth. As long as you don't move, you will look like a rock and NPCs and creatures will pass you by.
*Hord Sheel: You yodel and gain a thick carapace like that of a mudcrab, giving you bonus armor.
*Wooter Bretts: You yodel and can breathe water. You can also yodel to your heart's content while underwater. Fucking awesome, the most powerful power in the game.

There is a Blondebraid smith that will teach you how to you fashion the chitin from mudcrabs into weapons and armor. And really, this is going to be the primo gear in the game. On this island, it doesn't get much better than iron, it's resource-poor and nothing is being imported.

And that's pretty much it. The story arc of your destiny ends with you yodeling your way across the shitty island of Svizulund, killing crustaceans and making armor from their corpses. Maybe you can go back to that awful town you came from and give everybody there what-for. Maybe you can find a third-rate dungeon somewhere and die horribly trying to plunder it. Maybe you can hang out at the Blondebraids Hermitage and leer and make them uncomfortable. The sky is the limit, as long as you understand that the sky is a low ceiling and really has nothing to offer.

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There is a sea creature where they all come and sit in a ring and link up like a chain, as they have both parts.

It's not natural?

Nature is kinkier than Frank 'n Furter.

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