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Tagline: A Brief Description of You
Tagline: A Brief Description of You
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«selfie» with +Rob Vincent​

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loving the little flags in the 'Android project' view in the new canary build of Android Studio, thanks +Tor Norbye! #androiddev

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hey +Google  what's wrong with the custom URL I requested? why do you have custom URLs if you can't actually customize them?

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hello dear people of Google+,

My colleagues +Jimena Almendares , +John Cockrell , and I will be giving a talk on navigation in the Meetup app in a few weeks.

Do join us!

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Approaches to Collections in Android

Must RSVP at

Event is at Chelsea Market location, not 76 Ninth Ave. See Meetup for details.



+Roman Nurik - Google NYC - Overview of Collections

General overview of dealing with collections in Android. Interactions like swipe to dismiss, re-ordering, as well as responsive presentation, empty states, contextual action bar and other contextual actions, etc.

+Nick Butcher - Google London - Responsive Collections

Responsive design approaches to displaying collections in Android.

+Paul Burke - Touch Lab - What Makes a Card, a Card

Dissecting the design phenomenon.

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Way to go, Kolkata cyclists! But what is up with the municipal government and police there?

(cross-posted from my blog at

Is there any published research on how many more lives would be saved if we stopped funding the Überwachungsstaat and instead spent the money on health care or road safety or something else known to actually have an effect?

(For example, even accepting temporarily the argument that all these civil liberties violations actually somehow save lives: if we could save twenty cancer patients for the cost of preventing a terrorist attack that killed three people, that would be interesting to know about. But my numbers here are entirely made up; does anybody have real numbers?)

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I wrote a blog post on political subtexts at #googleio. But I hear that Google+ is the place to discuss Google. So I'm cross-posting it here. Go check it out.

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OHM2013: hacker camp next summer in Netherlands
I just found out the dates for the Dutch hacker camp next summer!
31-July-2013 to 4-August-2013.
Start making plans!

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EST is UTC-5, but otherwise do what Mitch says.
HOPE Number Nine Half Price Tickets -- Saturday!

A limited number of tickets will be available starting at 12pm, noon (EST -- UTC-6)

HOPE#9 will take place July 13-15 at Hotel Pennsylvania, in NYC.
These pre-sale tickets will sell out fast!
Take advantage of this great opportunity to attend a great hacker conference!
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