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Moira Penguinmaiden
I'm so otaku,I crap mokona
I'm so otaku,I crap mokona

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I'm selling pretties...until I can make some of my own ^_^ But seriously this stuff looks hawt. Awesome even.

Is watching Matrix Revolutions with Daniel. I AM CONFUSED. DO NOT WANT!

I woke up today being informed yet again that I kick in my sleep. At least I am not punching anymore, right?

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Folks, I need you to do me a favor. My best friend Lorrie is having a shit-tastic day:
-Her husband was put on disability because of the possibility of him having diabetes
-Her oldest daughter had not one, but two seizures today. The first one caused her to knock the fuck out and require stitches. As they were about to release her, she had a second one.Lorrie is a really really good woman.
She's kind and ALWAYS has been there for me...And I am in BFE.So this is where you come in: I want you guys to send her well wishes and do what your faith(or lack of) requires of you. She's a good woman being fucked in the ass by life.
This is her facebook:
This is her Blog:
Thanks Guys...

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bobs head

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Yeah, it's monday..

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cute cute!
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