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Marcus Ryder
I run far faster and longer in my mind than I do in reality
I run far faster and longer in my mind than I do in reality

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Running Home
Running away made me love where I am. Seven years ago I moved to Scotland from London for work. It was a good career move but I wasn't happy. I am a Londoner, I love London and my wife was still living and working in London. For the first three years Glasgo...

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Old Gifted And Black
I achieved my greatest sporting success over thirty
years ago at the age of 11. The occasion was the borough school athletics
championship. On that hot summer’s day I won the 100m sprint, the long jump and
- in a piece of inspired running my old school frie...

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Running In Church
The other day I introduced my wife to the joys of the ParkRun. For those who don't know ParkRuns are 5km timed races that happen across the whole of the UK at the same time every Saturday morning. They were first set up in 2008 and there are now hundreds of...

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Halfway Up a Mountain
Last weekend I found myself halfway up a mountain with a man who had been in knife fights, served two prison sentences for serious assault and had been sectioned after being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2010 . It all started a few days earlier...

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Running and mourning
In 2013 the Boston marathon was the target of an infamous terrorist attack. The Boston bombing seriously injured 29 people and killed three, creating headlines around the world. The Boston bombing was a terrible event but like so many news stories it was so...

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Political marathons
I haven’t blogged for almost a year - The blog was the victim of possibly the hardest marathon year of my life. Last year I trained for two marathons at the same time and I had to put a few things on hold. One marathon was of the common or garden 26.2 miles...

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Running, Birthdays and Ageing
It was my birthday a few days ago. In the last ten years my birthdays seem to fall into a regular pattern: A week or two of anticipation, a day of celebration, followed by a fortnight of introspection. I am currently in the introspection phase. I am coping ...

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Sugar Free Running
A New Year and a new trend to follow. Newspapers and popular science publications have recently been waxing lyrical about the "evils of sugar" I have been officially “sugar free” since the 1 st January 2014.  That means no refined sugar in my food, no “swee...

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Valentines Day Running
Happy Valentine’s to every runner out there today on this day of love. OK I know all the arguments that Valentines Day is just a capitalist invention to commodify one of the most precious emotions we experience. But considering we live in a capitalist socie...

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Feel The Pain And Do It Anyway
Running a marathon is painful. With enough training - if you are fit enough - jogging a marathon
doesn’t have to be painful. Walking 26.2 miles, if you have the time, doesn’t have to be too
arduous at all. But “running” a marathon is painful, pushing yourse...
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