Why Green/Sustainable Homes Will Become the Norm


Sometimes I find myself in trouble with people in the sustainability movement. The argument goes that we should be emphasizing the problems the planet faces, so we should encourage a better lifestyle. Although I may care about the planet, the real reason that I am going down a path of sustainability is that it makes sense to me for health reasons, economic reasons, and it fits in with my Christian beliefs.

I think that most homeowners will come to a sustainable home through economic motives, and the following article demonstrates why I feel this will be so. Homeowners want a quality home that will make financial sense. When we sit down and do the math, or at least have that shown to us, a buyer will go after more sustainable features. Does this have to be a new home? No. I think that one of the great untapped markets right now could be called "green remodeling". Retrofitting sustainable features on homes will not be so difficult, which is why I think building professionals should understand this type of architecture better.
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