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The Questions of the Heart
He is sipping tea from
a red-brown earthen cup on his fingers when a familiar tune is coming to life
from the road on the east. A film song is playing on a radio on a green tall bicycle.
Invaded by fog, the city is all white, and the occasional glowing red

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Story of an i-Saksham entrepreneur
    Near the blurred boundary of urban Jamui, on the highway joining Munger, there lies a village Khairma. At the door of one green painted house of the village, children had lined up to enter. Tanuj stopped our motorbike there. This house was one of the fi...

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48 hours in Maoist Captivity (Part V)
was abducted on the eve before The Republic Day from a village
pension scheme camp, Giridih District Administration had organized, in
the remote Nokania village. The Maoists held captive Vamsi,
Maksood (Panchayat Secretary), Chandradeo (Village ...

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48 hours in Maoist captivity (Part-I)
This republic day wasn't like the earlier ones.  At least for the fellows who came to know that one of the Giridih fellows have been abducted on the eve before. All those minds travelled to Giridih to imagine the situation of Vamsi, the abducted PMRD fellow...

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48 hours in Maoist captivity (Part-II)
RECAP The last post was about events
leading to Vamsi's abduction. He along with three government staffs had visited
Nokania village to organize camps on 25th January. It was around 3:30 P.M, when they were
about to leave, that 10-12 Maoists arrived and too...

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48 hours in Maoist captivity (Part-III)
RECAP After abduction, Maoists took Vamsi and the three other government staffs (Chandradeo- Village Level Worker (VLW), Shambhu Pandey Gram Rojgar Sevak (GRS), Maksood Ansari Panchayat Secretary (PS)) from Nokania village to nearby forest that was denser...

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48 hours in Maoist Captivity (Part-IV)
RECAP The Maoists, all dressed in their olive-green uniforms, retired at night below the Mohnar trees.  The Republic Day had passed, and the uncertainty had returned with the morning. Vamsi had no clues what Maoists had demanded and what if the demands woul...

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"A House for Mr Biswas" connection
When I look back, I realize my invisible irregular longing for literature since school days, when I used to read stories by Tagore and R. K Narayan and keep thinking about them for a day or two. With time, the demands of my false ambitions and the need to c...

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वक़्त और जीवन के बीच संवाद
मैं ठहरता हूँ जब तुम हौंसलों से गले मिलते हो।
तब धीमे चल
स्मृतियों के पटल पर
ला बिखेरता हूँ वो दृश्य
जिनमें कोपलें बरगद हुईं
और धूल बने पर्वत
धरती चाँद बनी
और तारे हुए सूरज।

तुम्हारी खुशियों में मल्हार सा झूमता
संग तुम्हारे नभ को भी चूमता
अनुभव को...

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Whispers of love
I miss you, when woven with fierce flames of love, my memory turns alive, to get lost soon in thoughts like always, not to survive. I miss you, on a child's smile for no cause. Like jasmine in your bright hair born to die soon, you come and disappear. I mis...
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