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Beau Thompson

Hi All
I am looking for advice I am on windows 10
now that windows movie make is not supported
what are others using to edit videos
wit out braking the bank thanks

Thank you all for letting me join this great group
my name is Beau my gamer name is n9mfk9
my first pc was apple II c
games i play the hunter fishing planet ice fisihing
cms 2015 I am a NHRA Drag Racing fan
hope to be on youtube soon

I remember hearing on one show that belkin had a router that came with ddwrt what nodel was that ?

Look for a good Wifi Analyzer ios

I have A question about Plex server
if your music is in itunes format mp4a an you play it to a ps3 does it get converted to mp3?  

hi ,
I have a lastpass?
I have to use chrome on ios is there a way to get bookmarklets to work in chrome in ios?
I wish there was a lastpass keyboard in ios 

I'm working on a music project 
all my music is in itunes aac but I went to play it on the ps3 but i do not went to have 2  copies of all my music
any ideas?
thanks Beau
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