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Cynthia Alexandra (Andra)
Wanna taste all that i can taste... :)
Wanna taste all that i can taste... :)

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dalam pelukmu kurasa nyaman... sang waktu membiarkan kuasanya berlalu,  tiupan sang waktu mempertemukan kita disini.. hanya indah ku harap.. tapi aku hanya bisa berharap... kau akan tetap selalu dalam anganku, dan mungkin hanya akan selalu begitu..

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just for someone out there..
Differences can give a beautiful scene if we can mix it properly, but if it isn't going with the proper way, it might causing a chaos. That case, I'll step aside in order to make everything back to normal just like when we hadn't cross any line before.. let...

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just want to write for nothing.. just wanna write..
I don't know why i suddenly remember this blog. It's been a long time since the last time i wrote on this blog.. Here, the place that i've been used to throw away my thoughts. Anyone read this shit? i dont't think so. even so, i guess that person just close...

you, and me. no more us for now.. :'(

the moon reminds me of you. may 2008, that time, we used to talk about future while saw the moon. you were really excited about meet my big family at christmas while i was scared enough to bring you even just to my home. you were talked so ready, but i wasn't ready at all. you were completely sure while i was completely doubtful. i had spent so much unforgettable moment with you. it was me wasn't ready for someone nearly perfect like you. i wish you are happy now with someone so much better than me..

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cute.... :)
Amazing Fruit art.Believe it or not this cute owl is made of Strawberry's.

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how's your life? is it great? if isn't, that might be you're not grateful enough to God.. :3

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